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Editor’s Note. This letter was sent by the Oceansound Board to Victor Unda and other Key Colony Board members, including Village Council candidates Louisa Conway, Matt Bramson and Antonio “Tony” Camejo, who is also president of the KBCCP and shared with Islander News 

To the HOA Board:

I sent the email below to Victor to send to all board members and he was not comfortable doing so. I’ve sent this to as many HOA board members whose contact information I have so please feel free to forward it to those I forgot.

In the bylaws of the HOA, it is very clear that The Oceansound Board, The Tidemark Board, The Botanica Board and the Emerald Bay Board speak for their respective residents. The HOA is composed of elected representatives from each building. The HOA bylaws state that the function of the board is to maintain the common property. All other functions are left to the building boards.

The HOA Board is an apolitical organization. Tony Camejo made that very clear when Frances Reaves, a member of the Oceansound Condominium, was running for village council. He would not allow any of her signage on HOA property because of its desire to stay out of the fray.

It is our understanding that the HOA Board is meeting at Louisa Conway’s request to vote as to what position it should take on the GO Bond proposed by the Key Biscayne Village Council. The HOA does not have the right to take such a position. Its function is to care for the common area and landscaping of Key Colony.

The by-laws of the HOA are clear: The HOA is paid by the four other buildings and their boards to take care of the common property. The HOA does not represent the residents of Key Colony. Each building represents its own residents.

We speak for Oceansound when we state that your vote does not reflect our condominium in any way. We pay our portion of the HOA fee for you to take care of the common property — not to speak for our residents.

We respectfully request that Louisa step down as HOA President. It is apparent that she is attempting to use her position as HOA President to further her political agenda, which is a no vote on the GO bond. Further, she has been personally sued by the ex-manager of the HOA and to date, that lawsuit has not been settled. These are at least two conflicts of interest.

We respect and support Louisa Conway and Matt Bramson’s campaign for Village Council. That does not make it right for her to use her presidency of the HOA Board, or any board, to further her agenda. It’s unethical.

As a reminder, Oceansound is not a member of Tony Camejo’s condominium group that purports to represent condominiums. Oceansound’s concern is the welfare of our residents. We manage the building, the monies and address our residents concerns. The board has no say in how our residents vote. We simply encourage them to make their own decisions at the ballot box.