Key Biscayne Beach Club - 2019 Board of Directors elections

I read Mr. Mark Fried’s letter regarding the upcoming election at the Key Biscayne Beach Club.

I agree with him that the election is important, but I disagree with him on many points.

More than thirty years ago, we moved from Greenwich, CT to Key Biscayne, because of the beach. For many years, we have gone to the beach club daily for several hours a day.

Our five children with our many grandchildren have enjoyed the club immensely. It is the first place they want to go as soon as they arrive on visits.

We have known the beach club manager, Mr. Mike O’Brien, for many years, and we have also gotten to know many of the club’s staff. They are genuine, hospitable and always willing to go the extra distance in the service of the members.

The beach club was never intended to be a fancy club. It was designed for the original Mackle house owners and their families to have simple, good access to the beach.

Up to now, the club’s board of directors and management have done an excellent job in operating the club. Because of their efficiency, club fees have remained reasonable while the facilities have been improved. And while they are modest, the facilities are clean and well-maintained.

I have run large companies and based on my experience, Mr. O’Brien is an excellent and dedicated manager. We are lucky to have him.

I don’t know Mr. Fried, and he is free to say what he thinks. I am also free to vote my choice, and it certainly will not be in support of Mr. Fried or anyone else sharing his agenda.


Jorge L. Blanco