Life and times of Key Biscayne florida


July 10th, 2014



n greening Key
“A simple beginning toward greening Key Biscayne would be planting Florida native flora. Eliminate that high maintenance St. Augustine grass from the median strips. Florida has many self-sustainable ground covers that tolerate heat and drought. Replace dead and dying shrubs with Florida natives that attract birds and pollinators. Start with these few simple steps towards ‘greening,’ and the Council could save taxpayers a $60,000 to $100,000 salary, plus benefits, of course.”

On the Village Green
“Why does our Village allow a business to be run out of a van in front of the Village Green? The TFIT 360 van is parked there 24/7. Do they have proper permits to run a business from the curb? Maybe we should allow food trucks to park there as well.”

On the 4th of July parade
“It was s shame to see people doing political campaigning during the 4th of July parade. I’m not against our elected officials taking part in the parade and greeting their constituents, but actual ‘Please vote for me,’ is in bad taste and should not be allowed.”
On DUI checkpoint
“While the massive police DUI checkpoint stops were excessive, it doesn’t surprise me as many Key Biscayne drivers appear drunk most of the time. How else can you explain total disregard of road rules, continued texting and phone use, no signals, rudeness, especially from bleached blondes in Range Rovers who seem to think the one finger gesture is the way to respond when advised of their arrogance. The police would do better to work with more undercover traffic cars and punish the lane-hopping speeders rather than rely on radar guns.”

On bicyclists
“I just received the following message from the Key Biscayne alert system. ‘Key Biscayne Residents, due to an accident involving a bicyclist in the outbound land in front of MAST Academy, we are experiencing traffic delays’ (sic). Another one? When is something going to change here?”

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