2019 Girls Volleyball season and championship

Full season of energetic successes for girls volleyball

The 2019 Girls Volleyball season recently wrapped up another successful season with a spirited championship round with extremely energized players and enthusiastic attendees.

“This league is not just about skill development and learning the rules of the game. It’s about helping young women to grow emotionally and physically,” said Johanna Guma-Aguiar, sports director. “Learning to perform as a team in a competitive sports environment, develop good sportsmanship, and simply have fun with new friends are top priorities.”

The 2019 season consists of three levels of play, depending on age and skill level: Junior, Senior and Advanced. All three levels serve as an important stepping-stone for each player.

As a Junior, the girls are usually beginners with only a year or so of experience. They must be 9 years old, but not any older than 11. If the level is not full we allow some 8 year olds into the program. The Junior level introduces the game, the rules and fundamentals. It’s all about fun and getting that serve over the net.

2019 Girls Volleyball season & Championships

L to R, Elizabeth Zang, Sofia y Martina Delguer and  Victoria Zang. Team Advance, Champions.

The Senior level is comprised of girls who have likely already played for a year or two and are ready for the next skill level. They can range from 11 to 16 years of age. As a senior they begin to develop the three touch philosophy -- pass, set, spike. The level of competitiveness is definitely kicked up a bit, but it’s still all about fun.

The addition of the Advanced Division has been very successful. Its two important purposes is to provide better play and a more realistic volleyball experience for players. The teams consist of girls who usually play in Club Volleyball or on their middle school or high school teams. The dynamics of the game changes from the other levels because substitutions and positions are formed on each team. Over all, the purpose of each level is to introduce volleyball to players who so if they choose to continue playing, they have basic skills and a good understanding of the game.

“Each year we have more and more parents emailing and calling us overjoyed that their daughters made their club or school teams,” said director Johanna Aguiar. “ I couldn’t be happier to know that in some small way this program has helped these girls fulfill their athletic volleyball goals and dreams.” 

The league continues to dedicate the 2019 season to Andrea Jaime, the Georgetown University sophomore who recently lost her life to meningitis. Andrea was a beloved friend to the program. She played all four years at Coral Gables High School. In Andrea’s memory, all 190 players proudly wear the letters ‘AJ’ on the left sleeve of their uniform jerseys closest to their hearts.

There are 11 new head coaches involved with the program this year, in addition to returning coaches. New Head coaches include Danielle Londono, Marco Mazzotta, Jocelyn Koch, Luis Halvorssen, Marcelo Coscarelli, Virginie Paran, and Marco Decastro. Returning coaches include MariaFe Carballo, Sienna Aguiar, Jose Lopez, and Lourdes Luaces.

In keeping with tradition, Key Biscayne’s business community is helping to turn a good season into a great one. In addition to helping keep registration fees low, monies donated by the league’s seventeen corporate sponsors provide new Lady Key Rats Volleyball practice jerseys for all players and coaches and more.

“This type of good corporate citizenship can only be found in a tight-knit community like Key Biscayne.” said Aguiar.

2019’s sponsors include Title Sponsors for the AJ Award, Messika Group, Testsmart and Back to Basics. Double Sponsors consist of Baducco Foods, Granados & Davey Law, V-2 Global, The Courts Sports Gear, and C;es Chou bySienna. Team sponsors include, LOndon Financial, M&M Real Estate Group, Kandeo Fund, Arch Realty, Kumon Coral Way, International Waterfront Properties, Toy Town, Zambrano Orthodontists and H&Co.

The final winners of each division:

Junior Champions

Ariadna Ros, Sofia Camacho Bogona, Martin de Santa Olalla and Teresa Martin de Santa Olalla. Junior champions.

JR. PURPLE: Head Coach Lourdes Luaces. Players: Martina Cuellar, Manuela Salazar, Sofia Camacho, Cloe Ros, Begona Martin de Sanrta, Mariangel Perez-Mejia, Valentina Parra, Teresa Martin de Santa, Isabel Sporleder, Emilie Cartaya, Rafaella Comelli, Camila Blanco.

Senior Champions

The Blue Team, senior division champions. 


SR BLUE: Head Coach Mariafe Carballo and Maria Patricia Stecchi. Players: Valeria Stecchi, Lucia Canedo, Ella Balestra, Abigail Espinosa, Gina Copetti, Annelise Zea, Stella Crespi Curvello, Estefaniz Velez Garcia, Juliette Cartaya, Gia Gomez, Serena Maierhofer, Eugenia Schumann.

Advanced Champions

The Advance champions show off their well earned trophy at party / ceremony at the KB Beach Club


ADV. RED: Head Coach Jose Lopez. Players: Sofia Lopez, Ximena Guiterrez, Isabella Rodriguez, Anna Zorgniotti, Natalia Antonetti, Victoria Zang, & Celine Mazloum.