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June 19th, 2014

TriKidz triathletes send 11 members to the podium; 3 overall champs

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Eleven members of the Key Biscayne Tri4Kidz team made it to the podium during the Second Miami Kids Triathlon at Florida International University, including three who received awards for overall champion in their age division.
The meet attracted 150 children in four categories ages 5-15.
Diego Ramirez won first in the 5-7 year old division with a 25-meter swim, half-mile bike and quarter-mile run.
Valeria Gutierrez won first-place female in the Super Senior 15-17 division, while Diego Pagan won first-place male. In this division, athletes swim 200 meters, bike 3.7 miles and run 1.5 miles.
Results by age are as follows:
6-year-old Female: Emilia Nattero, 3rd place.
7-year-old Male: Felipe Ramirez, 1st place. 
11-year-old Female: Maria Cortes, 3rd place. 
11-year-old Male: Dante Nattero, 2nd place.
12-year-old Male: Pablo Alonso, 1st; Emilio Pagan, 2nd.
13-year-old female: Valeria Ortega, 2nd place; Alexandra Vives, 3rd place.
14-year-old Male: Tomas Mairhofer, 1st place. 
14-year-old Female: Valeria Gutierrez, 1st place.
15-year-old Male: Diego Pagan, 1st place. 
“Some of the triathletes were participating for the first time,” said Coach Liliana Montes. “Their sacrifices, daily practices and support of all who make up this great team got results. We appreciate the support and look forward to adding followers to this discipline that involves the entire family in an active and healthy world.”
The Tri4Kidz team sponsored is Ultrabike-Studio.

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