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March 20th, 2014

Frequently asked questions about the Sony Open


re there seats in the shade or out of the sun? 
Because we are an outdoor event and have no roof on our Stadium Court, the sun will be a factor. The best option we can offer if sun is a factor is to provide you seats with the sun behind your back. These seats are located on the South Baseline (Gates F-G), Southwest Angle (Gates G-H), West Sideline (Gates H-A) and Northwest Angle (Gates A-B). Please note that seats purchased in these areas can be much higher up in terms of availability compared to other areas in the Stadium Court.
What are the different views I can watch from in the Stadium Court? 
Our Stadium Court is shaped like an octagon, so it has eight sides to it. We offer seats on the North and South Baselines (end of the court), the East and West Sidelines and the N.W., N.E., S.E., and S.W. angles.
Is it possible to purchase a ticket for the grounds only? 
Grounds passes are only made available when the Stadium Court sells out and are sold for approximately $10.00 less than the Stadium Court ticket price. A Grounds Pass ticket provides access to all of the outer courts on a first-come, first serve basis, but does not provide access to the matches being played on Stadium Court. Please note, Miami-Dade County surcharges or Sony Open handling fees are included in the prices listed.
How many matches are played in the Stadium during a given session? 
Traditionally during the Day Session, there are four matches played in the stadium. During the evening, there are typically two matches played in the stadium. This is subject to both weather and schedule changes. Ultimately, the number of matches is determined by the Referee's Office and is subject to change at any time.
I have tickets for the Day Session, but not for the Evening…will I have access to the Evening Sessions matches? 
Once the last Day Session match on Stadium Court is completed, guests will be asked to leave the Stadium Court so it can be cleaned for the Evening Session ticket holders. Guests with Day Session tickets will have the opportunity to stay on the grounds to watch matches on the outer courts but will not have access to the Evening Session matches taking place in the Stadium Court. Day Session guests wanting to stay and watch the matches in the Stadium Court during the Evening Session may purchase tickets at our Advance Ticket Center (located at Guest Services) based on availability.
I have a group interested in going to Sony Open Tennis. Are there group sales?
To be eligible for a group discount, a group must consist of 20 or more tickets. A 20% discount is offered for Sessions 3-7 and 12-18 for tickets in the 400 Level. Please note, Miami-Dade County surcharges or Sony Open handling fees are included in the prices listed. To inquire about placing a group order, please contact the Ticket Office at 305.442.3367.
Does the Sony offer discounts for children attending the matches? 
Yes. Children ages 14 and under receive a 50% discount on 400 Level tickets for all sessions excluding the Finals (Sessions 23-24) on March 29 - 30. Please note, Miami-Dade County surcharges or Sony Open handling fees are included in the prices listed.
What is the minimum age for a child to require a ticket? 
Children 3 and older require a junior-priced ticket (up to age 14).
I need to purchase disabled seating…what are my seating options and where do I park my vehicle? 
Seats for guests with disabilities are offered in the 100 or 400 levels. Tickets may be purchased online or over the phone by calling the Ticket Office during regular business hours of 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. Our policy allows for up to three companion tickets to be purchased in the same seating area, based on availability. Additional guests will be sold tickets in the 400 Level as close as possible to the assigned disabled seating area. Disabled parking is located in Crandon Lot 2 (a valid pass and matching driver's license must be displayed to the parking attendant for access to the Parking Lot). A complimentary shuttle service is available that will drop guests off near the Main Gate entrance of the site.
Are wheelchairs available on site and is there a charge? 
A limited number of wheelchairs are available on-site at our Guest Service Center (located by Gate C) on a complimentary basis. A valid driver's license will be used as a deposit for the wheelchair and will be given back once the wheelchair is returned.

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