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Daniel Moreno

Business and Key Biscayne have been partners from the moment industrious individuals moved to the Village in hopes of living in an ideal environment where they can also market what they do for a living using the ever-evolving resources at their disposal.

On the Map Internet Marketing is happy to help islanders position themselves and their businesses on the worldwide web using a combination of know-how and technology to benefit the community they now serve.

The company, which has a local office in Miami, recently joined the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce in hopes of helping people help themselves and their businesses

On the Map also has offices in California, North Carolina, Mexico and Latvia.

But it’s Marketing Coordinator Daniel Moreno that gives On the Map a direct connection to Key Biscayne.

The 23-year-old marketing guru has lived on Key Biscayne on-and-off most of his life. His father lives on the island, and Moreno split time during his youth between the United Kingdom and the United States, returning to the Village for family time.

“I lived in Key Biscayne for over 20 years now and worked with a couple of startups,” he said. 

“I was the manager of a company called Personal Gofer, if you remember that. I like the community and I’m friends with some of the business owners, and I just wanted to be able to target and help develop business in the Key.”

As mentioned on their website, On the Map Marketing, Inc.’s services are designed to offer any size business, whether a startup or Fortune 500 company, the resources, tools and experience necessary to grow. From website development and search engine optimization to local Google listings and social media management, On the Map plans to help businesses on Key Biscayne reach their potential.

On the Map hosted an informational business forum at the Chamber of Commerce office, giving people a chance to have personal contact with staffers and learn about the business. “We’re going to do a presentation or crash course on the internet marketing world,” Moreno said. “I’m super-excited to share the value of internet and visual marketing and showcase our abilities.”

The current business climate on Key Biscayne is ripe for On the Map, according to Moreno, who said South Florida in general is ready for a business reboot following the latest rash of weather.

“Since the hurricane and after there has been a lot less local business going on and they’re trying to capture more business, and we saw an opportunity to try and develop business on the Key.”

Hurricanes do more than damage property, he noted. “It’s horrible, because it has a big impact and it’s something you can’t even really prepare for and then the whole recovery…people are feeling it everywhere, in downtown Miami and even myself,” the marketing coordinator said.

“We’re going to work with as many people as possible to get the ball rolling again.”

Founded by technology wiz kid Rick Hoskins, who was one of the pioneers of Google Maps, On the Map Marketing got started by focusing primarily on the legal market, helping businesses improve their positioning in that realm. “We’ve been at it for almost 10 years now, and more recently we’re expanding our horizons to help all sorts of businesses, not just attorneys,” Moreno said.

Joined by his collogue Eric Calvo, Moreno is diligently working to foster positive relationships with Chamber members on Key Biscayne. “Members of the Chamber get better rate,” Moreno said, describing the benefits of being a member. “We’ve made an independent signup page for the Chamber that shows a special pricing plan that only applies to them. We’re essentially giving them up to 50 percent off. We’re working strategically with the Chamber to try offer some exclusive services for their members and marketing.”

Key Biscayne Chamber and Visitors Center Executive Director Tatyana Chiocchetti thinks On the Map is an excellent addition to their membership. “We’re excited to have such a young and talented group of people joining the Chamber who have so much to offer our membership as well as others while becoming immersed in our community at the same time,” she said.

On the Map is taking their own marketing to the next level, and in doing so plan to help other businesses along the way. “We help businesses find their clients, or the other way around…we help people find business. In a nutshell, we get your business in front of as many eyes as possible by essentially getting you on the first page of Google,” Moreno said.

“We’re really excited about the potential in Key Biscayne. The timing is really good.”

For more information, visit https://www.onthemapmarketing.com/locations/miami-fl/seo/.


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