Michael Davey

During my fourteen years as an active part of our Village government, I hope that I have shown the leadership, the team-building skills, and the drive necessary to help lead our Village Council. As Councilmember, two-time Vice Mayor, Chair of the Education Advisory Board, Underground Utility Task Force and Charter Review Commission, I have worked to create consensus and to get things done.

While I appreciate the question, the issue is not whether I or Mr. de la Cruz deserve to be Mayor – the issue is what our Village deserves in its next Mayor. We have many projects and issues that we must move forward on as a community. Traffic and pedestrian safety, beaches, better school options, storm water drainage, public safety, and civility are items of concern that our residents have identified as important to them. As a Council, we will have to work together to do so. That will take a Mayor who can facilitate discussions that may get heated, but always lead us back to making a decision on how to proceed. It will take a consistent leader who has a history of reaching out to those who have contrary positions and listening to, and learning from, them.

We have tremendous challenges and opportunities on this island, as well as tremendous resources. Now, we need to make the future that we want for our community. I have long believed that we are a stronger community when we work together. We need a fresh start, and I look forward to helping make that a reality.

Luis "Lucho" de la Cruz

As mayor, I will encourage forward thinking and strategic planning with fiscal responsibility, so that we take a “holistic” approach to our community needs and the direction we take moving forward. We are at a critical time with important projects and decisions pending.

With degrees in both law and civil engineering, I am the mayoral candidate with the expertise and VISION to tackle complex, large-scale projects. We need technical minds on the Council as we further develop our storm drainage system, underground our utilities, improve traffic, define more permanent solutions for our beaches, push to replace Bear Cut bridge, etc. Lawyers are fine. Financial minds are good. Technical minds are what we most need now.

As a sitting councilmember, I am proud to have worked alongside talented and dedicated leaders to bring forth important initiatives. With our new manager, our current council has in a short time become better informed and more productive.

As mayor, I will encourage a common-sense approach and work to direct and empower our manager and our council to bring forth more of your ideas. I can’t wait to get to work with the new council

I have also developed invaluable relationships with leaders at City of Miami and Miami-Dade, which I will leverage to our advantage when we discuss Bear Cut Bridge, Rickenbacker Causeway, playing fields and other issues. Let’s keep the positive momentum going.

This year’s mayoral election will be the culmination of all my efforts on behalf of our island. I have no further political aspirations.

I have been fully vested in this community for over 45 years and working with the Village in various capacities (councilmember, youth sports, KBAC, St Agnes, KBYC). I take your confidence in me very seriously and have only our community’s best interests at heart. I hope you will grant me the opportunity to continue serving Key Biscayne as your mayor.

Thank you for voting for me to be your Mayor of Key Biscayne.