Sir, I hope you are satisfied with Day 1 of Ultra - TOTAL CHAOS.

Just in case you have not heard, let me share a summary of day one at Ultra: trees on fire, crowds out of control walking in the middle of the causeway. Not enough buses to satisfy the transportation need of concertgoers. What a fool was I to think that the City of Miami had a plan for the event, other than collect its money.

That is right, all you care about is the money collected form the promoter, rather than concerning yourself with the safety and well-being of this young crowd numbered in the thousands; of course, neither do you care much about the residents of Key Biscayne.

With all due respect, only a fool thinks that he can milk the disastrous Ultra bacchanal to fund the historic black beach on Virginia Key and hold the residents of Key Biscayne hostage to this chaos. To rely on concerts to fund this museum is not right.

If you cannot find enough funds from the public to finance the museum’s operations, then you should reconsider its viability in the first place. Perhaps, once economists are able to assess the total cost of this blunder, you can lead a fundraiser to help your foundation.

We would all be happy to help. But Ultra, never again!

t is still too early for economists to assess the negative impact on the local economy of Key Biscayne. With countless businesses "closed-for-the-event" and residents making arrangements to stay with family and friends off-the-island, the place looked like a ghost town on Friday.

For your information, a number of doctor’s offices and local clinics closed for the entire day; countless small businesses closed early to avoid the expected traffic backups for its employees who commute daily over the causeway to work; and several shopping malls and churches had to spend extra resources to hire private security to prevent concert goers from parking on the key.

What a fool am I to think that you care. I forgot - you don't care about our community because you are an egotistic fellow who looks only after his self-interests, while trampling on the rights of the community across the bay. Honorable Commissioner Hardemon you are just a fraud disguised as a public servant behind expensive tailored suits who calls himself a politician.

In closing, no doubt writing this short note is cathartic since I have to catch a plane later tonight on business and will have to leave a few hours early courtesy of your leadership.

I trust your fellow Commissioners, the Mayor, Miami Police and Fire Rescue officials learned their lesson and that this disaster will be one and done.

But then again, I may be expecting too much from all of you. Come to think of it, I am just a fool, powerless and naïve resident of Key Biscayne.


Juan Santaella


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