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Florida has previously vowed to prioritize seniors in terms of vaccinations, with Gov. Ron DeSantis saying more vaccine doses are coming to the state, but seniors remain frustrated as the appointments become available and vanish quickly.

With 20% of the state’s population being 65 years old or older, Florida is experiencing a shortage of available coronavirus vaccines, and many residents are struggling to book their vaccination appointments.

According to an article on Fox News, many seniors find the situation increasingly more difficult. “It seems hopeless,” Nancy Smythe from Naples, told Fox News. "You feel like you should move on with life and not try. I want a cure! I mean, I want to save my life.”

Key Biscayne resident Dr. Elsa Dominguez tried for days to get an appointment, finally securing one at Jackson Memorial. She was notified there was a cancellation and she jumped on the appointment. She also tried for days to get her husband, Horacio Ravera, an appointment. “He was registered at Mount Sinai, but we kept waiting,” said Dominguez. After days, she was finally able to secure an appointment for Ravera, also at Jackson.

“Don’t give up,” is Dominguez’s advice to those trying to get an appointment.

Florida has vaccinated the third-most number of people so far – over 400,000 according to a tweet from DeSantis - trailing only California and Texas, according to Fox News, but the demand from seniors in Florida is exceptionally great.

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