burgers and bits

“Burgers are comfort food.”

“Burgers are easy to eat.”

“Burgers are portable.”

For years, burgers have been a staple food group in many households. Whether they are making it at home, ordering it in or going to a restaurant many can’t help but crave this juicy perfection.

The question is why. And the answer seems to be ongoing. People rave for the simplicity of burgers. One doesn't even require utensils to eat them. Others say it is its versatility, how there are more than 100 different ways to eat a burger. Many mention how common they are, being sold in restaurants for all different price points. Around 13% of Americans claim that if they could only eat one food for the rest of their lives it would be burgers.

What started off defined merely by two slices of bread and a ground beef steak now presents itself in menus all over the world.

Key Biscayne is no exception to this burger craze. What used to be an exclusively American dish is now found in Mexican, Venezuelan, and Spanish restaurants all around the Key. This fan favorite is sold in almost every restaurant on the Island, and some have even created a unique twist to it.

Over the next few months, four Islander News interns will be trying a burger from each of Key Biscayne’s acclaimed restaurants. This new series, “Burgers and Bits,” will describe our journey as we try different burgers from around the island and give our bits on them. We self-proclaimed burger experts have been dying to put island burgers to the test, seeing what is really worth the price.

Along with our weekly tasting video, an article will be published with our Bits.

The Burger and bits team will consist of Ava Castaneda, Jonathan Mendez, Eli Zang and Vicky Zang, all MAST Academy seniors. If you have any recommendations or burgers you want us to try, email it to editor@islandernews.com and put BurgerBits in the subject line.


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