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From Hawaii to Key Biscayne, it seems the popularity of the POKE Bowl, a classic of Hawaiian cuisine that’s rooted in Japanese cooking, has now made its way to one of the island’s favorite establishments, The Golden Hog.

But what is a Poke Bowl anyway?

In Hawaiian, Poke means “to slice or cut” and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish.

Nutrition coach Irena Macri defines a Poke Bowl as being “most notably defined by its inclusion of cubed, raw ahi tuna. Poke may also feature salmon, hamachi, octopus, or even tofu. The fish is marinated in salt with other traditional and varied add-ins.”

Golden Hog Poke Bowl

Completed Golden Hog Poke Bowl, including tuna, salmon, avocado and mango over a bed of rice

Got it! A version of sushi you can eat with a fork!

The popularity of the Poke Bowl is centered on the fact it is a healthier grab-and-go meal. Fish is naturally healthy, and the minimal processing adds to the healthy appeal, which fits into Key Biscayne’s lifestyle. The ingredients are close to their natural state, but are seasoned with spice, heat, salt, and herbs for a flavor kick.

The Golden Hog has jumped on the Poke Bowl bandwagon. Their new Poke Bowl station, located by the juice bar, is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They have simplified the concept to make it appealing and fast.

You start by picking a base. They offer white rice or quinoa. Then pick your fish, The Golden Hog offers salmon or tuna poke. And then the fun really begins as you customize the rest of your bowl.

Gabriel Marin

Gabriel Marin, The Golden Hog’s store manager, prepares a special Poke Bowl. Photo by Justo Rey

There are 11 different toppings available, including edamame, cucumbers, crispy onions, ginger, scallions, carrots, avocado plus others, including mango while in season.

To top off your Poke Bowl creation, you can add brussels sprouts and your choice of sauces, including sriracha, ponzu and wasabi mayo.

When creating a Poke at home, you typically should eat it within the day. It tastes much better when it's fresh. You can also refrigerate it and save leftovers for another day, but that’s usually it.

Depending on your ingredients and sauces, a Poke Bowl contains about 500-700 calories, making this a fabulous healthy and diet-friendly culinary option.


The Golden Hog is in the Harbor Plaza Shopping Center at 91 Harbor Drive. You can reach them at (305) 361-1300 or visit online at

They are open 7-days a week 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Sundays.


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