After the last 15-months, who doesn’t want to pack their bags, hop on a plane, and get to know a new exciting country? Yet how do you do that without leaving a hole in your wallet? 

It’s all about picking the right county with the right budget.  This list has some of the most affordable places to travel to, and some closer than you expect. 


Named the Quechua word for land of abundance, Peru is nothing short of abundant with beautiful places to see and rich history to absorb. Located in western South America, Peru is known for its diverse climate thanks to the magnificent mountain range of the Andes Mountain and winds from the Pacific Ocean. 

Most notable for Machu Picchu this is probably going to be one of the more expensive activities but a definite must-see. Besides Machu Picchu, Peru has so many incredible activities to offer like hiking the Inca trail, visit Lake Titicaca, see some ancient civilizations, Chapparri Private Conservation (animal reserve), Historic cities from the colonial era, tons of different canyons to view or hike, national parks filled with the unique wildlife and landscape, waterfalls and Lima’s extraordinary culinary experience. 

Lima is very affordable with hotels and places to stay, as well as the food. For how much money you do spend it really is worth every bit of it. Nomadic Matt, has his breakdown of an affordable trip to Peru. On this list, Peru ranks number one as one of the most affordable countries to visit.




Cartagena, Colombia 

If you want to step back in time to colonial Colombia, Cartagena is a colorful walled city that is on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. It is a tourist hotspot whose fortress walls protected it from pirates and storms, and now protects its rich history and vibrant culture. 

Cartagena has a lively nightlife as its streets are filled with restaurants, bars, and twinkly lights. As you stay there it is important to learn about its architecture and see some of its most historic buildings, like the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. It is a 17th-century castle that overlooks the water and wasn't complete for  150 years. Cartagena’s El Centro Histórico is its colonial city center that is named a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

There are 5 islands surrounding Cartagena with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world you must see while you are there. You can visit museums of the local art scene and historic native artifacts, and open markets and stores for local produce artisan work. A more in-depth guide to Cartagena is in an article by Just a Pack





With its white buildings with blue rooftops, incredible ancient history, and insane cuisine Greece is a dream travel destination. A trip to Greece is way more affordable than you expect, and especially now. 

Just on the mainland, it is filled with ancient historic temples and buildings dating back to ancient Greek times. Touring these sites will make you feel like you have been transported. In the Greek Islands, you will be welcomed with a tranquil day and lively nightlife of music and incredible food. Not to mention you will have endless options to take breathtaking photos. It is also a necessity to take a dip in that clear, glittery water. Taking a catamaran or boat out to visit the rock formations, snorkel, and even enjoy the sunset is ideal for your trip. Rick Steve, gives a thorough description of an affordable trip to Greece

23 Affordable Countries to Visit 

  1. Peru 

“ Lima was probably the most affordable city I’ve been to. The food was amazing and incredibly well priced: Things that normally cost $40 were about $25. Also, the people are great. Overall, it is an amazing country with rich history and culture - I give a perfect five! -casualglow25

  1. South Africa

“I spent two entire months in South Africa for $1,300. By staying in hostels, Couchsurfing, using public transportation, and even hitchhiking(ahem!) I was able to do it super cheaply. This budget also included heaps of amazing meals out, skydiving, bungee jumping, shark cage diving, paragliding, canyoning and so much more,” -Elle Burne, Facebook

  1. China

 “Airfare is the bulk of the cost -  it's much cheaper if you live on the West Coast, though - and then once you get there, things are really affordable. Public transportation is often just a few cents. Dinner in a local restaurant is maybe a dollar or two. Once you get out of tourist areas (Beijing Shanghai), prices go down further. Last year, I got airfare and a four-star hotel for eight nights for $900 per person ( two people) Once we got there, we didn't spend much at all.”  -jessicag43418f530 



4. Vietnam

“It’s not cheap to get there from the U.S, but once you’re there. It’s great! We spent nine nights in Vietnam and spent about $300-$400, excluding lodging and our international flight. Our total trip cost just a smidge over $2000 (we were two people sharing a hotel room and flying from the East Coast- so it would've been cheaper had we flown from the West.” -JoDa

  1. Greece 

“The people there were so happy to have tourists, and they wanted to share their beautiful country and history with those of us who don’t know about it. The best part about it was that I has so much extra money when the trip was over, I was able to upgrade my ticket home to first class.” -Emily Anderson, Facebook

  1. Jamaica 

“I stayed in a pool house on Airbnb for $25 a night, which is my preference over a resort anyway. I ate at local restaurants and went to hole-in-the-wall bars, and spent about $30 to $40 daily. Going to the Caribbean can be very cheap: its all about doing your research.” - Taharram 

  1. Cartagena, Colombia 

“ I actually used to live there, but just went back. Roundtrip airfare from the Northeast was $250. You can easily get a hostel for $7-15, although we stayed in an amazing hotel for $70 a night. Food, drinks, and fun are all completely reasonable: its an absolutely amazing place to visit!” -Madelina Turner, Facebook 

  1. Bali 

“ A friend and I traveled through Bali for seven days, and spent only around $500 each, not including our plane ticket. We didn’t book anything beforehand ( you can bargain with people, even for hotel room costs), and food was super cheap.” -Kelsey Fausko, Facebook


  1. Nicaragua 

“Nicaragua is both the cheapest country I’ve ever been to and my all-time favorite. I went for few nights when I was living in Costa Rica and had an amazing time. I stayed in a hostel form for $5 a night (!) and didn’t need to spend more than $10 a day on food. There are so many options for inexpensive activities- volcano boarding ftw- as well as museums, stunning cathedrals, and generally amazing people.” -Michaelalee

  1. Caribbean Cruise 

“Cruises aren’t bad, and they can be done on a budget. You can easily book a six-day, all-inclusive trip for under $500 a person. And if you frequently travel with a specific cruise line, you’ll rack up rewards and earn onboard credit and whatnot. If you book port excursions, though, don’t do it through the cruise line. Save a little money and book through the tourist agencies (e.g Chukka Tours if you visit the Bahamas, etc.)” -graces4c8a8fc89 

  1. Europe by train

“Traveling by train is cheap and easy to get the hang out of! Plus, you can meet peer travelers and exchange tips travel recommendations- and if you are under 25, you get a major discount. For example, with $350 global pass, you can visit any of Eurail’s 28 countries within the time frame of one month for a total of five times.” -Moni Gomez

  1. Czech Republic 

“You can stay in a hostel for less than 10 euros a night outside the capital. There’s beautiful architecture, nice people, interesting history, and a major bonus: Beer IS  cheaper than water. Czech it out ;).” Marilou D. LeBel, Facebook 

  1. Guatemala 

“The hostels are nice and inexpensive, and so are tours or trips. It’s a unique vacation.” - truleemadlee


Bosnia and Herzegovina
  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina 

“It’s beautiful and incredibly affordable, and it’s just a bus ride away from the Adriatic coast, which is just beautiful. The average meal with a drink is equivalent to the price of a coffee in a Starbucks.  I urge anyone who is on a budget to experience the beauty of Sarajevo and the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.” -sannyj

  1. Thailand

“I took a very affordable 10-day vacation in Thailand last year. We went just before peak season started, couchsurfed a bit, and stayed at lesser-known islands. We shopped at the open-air markets in Bangkok and spent barely $100 for a TON of stuff, kayaked and snorkeled all day for around $7, stayed in a beach hut for $5, and ate amazing food for under $5.” -Nistha Shrestha, Facebook 

  1. Romania 

“ Once you’re there, your American dollars will go incredibly far. I hopped on a train and toured the Transylvania region, including a three-day horseback riding tour at the farm just outside Signisoara (an incredibly beautiful, historic Transylvanian town). That tour only cost $70 euros a day and included a bedroom, meals and eight hours of riding time every day!” -Kate Masters, Facebook

  1. Krakow, Poland 

“We went to Krakow and lived like kings for about three to four days. Everything is budget-friendly, about one-third of the price you would expect to pay in America- which means that if something usually costs $15, it’s cost about $5.” -Leann Boatwright, Facebook 

  1. The Azores, Portugal 

“It’s actually pretty affordable to go there. You can tour several of the islands and try the awesome food, and most of the goodies were fairly cheap. Plus, lots of things are free: You can see the beautiful landscapes, hike around a caldera, and swim in the hot springs.”-jessr42822695d6

  1. Nepal 

“ I went to Nepal for two months, and the total cost, minus my flight, was around $1500. That included food, my hostel, and a five-day trek through the Himalayas. My tip: Don’t be afraid to haggle with shopkeepers anywhere you go to get a good bargain!” -hannahz123567


Ghana, West Africa
  1. Ghana, West Africa

“ I stayed at the beautiful, secluded ecolodge at Cape Three Points $50 total. It’s amazing there: There are pristine beaches, mountains, national forests, safaris, and weekend reggae shows at Big Milly’s Back Yard or La Badi Beach. And you can even order fresh drinks- pineapple, coconut- and have them brought to your seat facing the waves. There’s so much more, too: paragliding barefoot off a mountain, surf lessons…” -rileyq


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