Wouldn't it be great if Bananas lasted longer? Although it is easy to find use for a banana, from bread to cookies even ice cream, this fruit seems to turn brown overnight, making it somewhat difficult to enjoy.

Luckily, if you’re wondering how to keep bananas fresh, there are some tips and tricks to extend their life. Here’s exactly how to keep your bananas from turning into a mushy mess.

1. Ditch the Plastic Bag

Bananas that are stored in plastic bags will ripen faster. Instead, keep your bananas at room temperature in a cool, dark place to be sure they receive fresh, well-ventilated air. Bananas sitting in direct sunlight or near the stove will shrivel up and turn brown at a faster rate.

2. Separate Them

Most bananas come. in bunches, however, this makes all the bananas ripen at the same time. And it’s probable you’re not eating all your bananas at once.

If you separate the bananas, they’ll ripen at different paces. That way, you can eat the ripe ones first and let the others ripen later.

3. Store Away from Other Fruits


When fruits ripen, they emit ethylene, a gas that speeds up the ripening process. This is especially true for avocados, peaches, kiwis, apples, and tomatoes.

When bananas are exposed to the ethylene released by other fruits, they ripen at a faster rate. If your bananas are in a bowl with other fruits, separate them!

4. Hang Them Up

Hanging your bananas keeps air ventilated and decreases the amount of ethylene they’re exposed to. When bananas are sitting in a bowl or on the counter, the bananas at the bottom of the bundle usually ripen first, so hanging them up solves that issue, too. 

5. Keep Ripe Bananas in the Fridge

When your bananas are perfectly ripe, but you’re not ready to eat them, pop them in the fridge. The cold environment will prevent them from ripening any further.

6. Freeze Them


if you know you won’t eat your bananas before they go bad, you should freeze them. You can chop the bananas into slices and freeze them, which is great for making smoothies. If you plan on mashing your bananas or baking them into bread, you can freeze them whole and unpeeled.

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