Nostalgic foods

Just as fashion trends come and go so do food trends. 2021 was filled with TikTok food trends like baked feta pasta, nature’s cereal, pesto eggs, and corn ribs. Looking ahead 2022, seems to have much more than just social media trends in store, One can expect more spice, a focus on food waste, more global flavors, and epic entertaining ideas. 

Here are what experts have deemed 7 food trends coming in 2022

1.Nostalgic foods

With chaos in the air( pandemic and all) it can be comforting to return to something familiar. This is why many will seek comforting foods in an effort to fell familiarity and wistful nostalgia. This can mean something different for each person, but experts see a lot of apple cobbler in our future.

2. Dining Out Will Be Even More of an Experience

After having their doors closed for so long restaurants are looking to make up for lost time. Dining companies report, that many restaurants plan to focus on more than just the food on your plate, they will try to create a dining experience. This could mean restaurants that transition guests to new spaces throughout each part of the meal, differing music tempos to accompany each course and more.

Watch for themed menus, creative settings, beverage brand partners, branded decor, cooking classes, prix-fixe menus, and uber-Instagrammable moments.

3. To-Go and Takeout Aren't Going Anywhere

What will not be left in 2021 is the success of delivery and pick-up options. More than seven in 10 Americans now order food from restaurants directly, according to a study. And the amount of people using third-party delivery apps at least weekly spiked from 15% in July 2020 to more than 28% in April 2021.

During the pandemic, restaurants got more creative with their offerings and adopted new technologies to make ordering more seamless for their customers. This created a demand for this dining option, a demand that has not yet gone away.

The rise in popularity of ghost kitchens and virtual brands, or restaurants that provide food only via delivery and have no actual storefront for customers to visit, is also responsible for this staying a trend.  

dinner parties

4. The Resurgence of the Dinner Party

Gatherings without a couple weeks of quarantining beforehand were risky in 2020, but with vaccines now accessible for all Americans five and older, at-home gatherings are back on the calendar. Friendsgivings and Friendsmas parties helped usher in what we foresee to be a big food trend in 2022: dinner parties.

5. Reducetarianism

"Reducetarianism" describes people who aren't quite vegetarian or vegan, but are aiming to eat less meat, dairy, and eggs mainly for environmental reasons.

They are focused on gradually decreasing the amount of animal products they consume, with some opting to eliminate them completely. A prime example is someone ordering an oat milk latte instead of a cow's milk latte.

This trend will be facilitated by the rapidly growing amount of both vegetarian and vegan options. Now, people can find vegan lasagna, Mexican cuisine, soul food, 'cheese steaks,' 'chicken nuggets,' and much more.

6. Spice Up Your Life

Spices and peppers of all kinds will be popular in 2022. What started as a growing love for Sriracha, has become a love of all kinds of spicy condiments. In 2021 the most popular trend of this kind was chili crisp—oil infused with crunchy bits of peppers, onions or scallions, garlic and other aromatics.

It is expected that we'll continue to see fiery global condiments such as gochujang, harissa, schug, and sambal topping everything from scrambled eggs to sandwiches. 

7. Borderless Cuisine

We are starting to see a wave of new multi-ethnic, "borderless" cuisines that embrace one person's unique identity, mixed race parents, or reflect the diverse cultural influences of a given region. Restaurant examples include:

  • La Chinesca in Philadelphia, which marries global influences from Northern Mexico's Baja region with Chinese American flavors
  • Kimika in New York City, which blends Japanese and Italian cuisines in dishes like crispy rice cake lasagna with sweet italian sausage, spicy cabbage, scallions, and provolone
  • Armitage Alehouse in Chicago, which features British pub fare (steak and ale pot pie, fish and chips) alongside Indian favorites (aloo chana, garlic naan), as well as American classics (dry-aged New York strip steak, chopped wedge salad)

Wether we like it or not, COVID and 2021 have made lasting impresions on us all. They will forever be present in our minds and now in our kitchen and plates. In your home, at a restaurant, or across the globe, these food trends are set to make 2022 one of the most delicious and diverse years yet.

Pack your appetite!


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