Which one is now the world's most popular website? Hint: it is not Google nor Facebook

For years, Google dominated the ranking as the most popular, and visited, website in the world. That dominance ended in late 2021 when the digital giant was knocked off the top pedestal by a relative newcomer.

Who made Google step aside?

According to Cloudflare Radar's popularity ranking, Google was surpassed as the most popular domain by “newcomer” popular video-sharing app TikTok who climbed from #7 in 2020.

According to the website iflscience.com, TikTok first took the number 1 spot for a day back on February 17, 2021, then starting in August 10, the site was the most popular domain on most days.

TikTok passed Facebook as the Internet's favorite social media platform in terms of traffic, but Facebook remains the platform with the most users worldwide.

Top 10 most popular domains in 2021 (2020 rank in parenthesis)

1) TikTok.com (#7)

2) Google.com (#1)

3) Facebook.com (#2)

4) Microsoft.com (#3)

5) Apple.com (#4)

6) Amazon.com (#6)

7) Netflix.com (#5)

8) YouTube.com (#8)

9) Twitter.com (#10)

10) WhatsApp.com


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