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Everything about the 2022 BMW 430i Gran Coupe that I drove sounds luxurious. And let’s be honest, driving a BMW means enjoying some of the finer things in life. So when I got to drive the 2022 BMW 430i Gran Coupe around Los Angeles it was nice. And even the color of the car and the interior seat color sounded every bit the part of a luxurious sedan.

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My tester was Sunset Orange Metallic and the interior was Oyster Vernasca Leather. But all the niceties and amenities didn’t stop at the superficial level.

Rather, this hot hatch had a 2.0-liter Twin Turbo 4-cylinder engine with variable valve control. And 8-speed automatic transmission kept the 255 horsepower-engine in control but there were paddle shifters available. Plus there was a Driving Dynamics Control knob that allowed for various driving modes to change up the personality and performance of this Gran Coupe.


There is a 3.0-liter turbo available as well for the M440, but you can snag a lot of the performance features on the smaller engine with an upgrade of the M-Sport package and Dynamic Handling package. Thankfully my tester came with optional packages and with it brought even sportier performance with adaptive dampers, 19-inch wheels and a rear locking differential. This was one confident car with a big personality.

Even in the city of angels and Lala land, the BMW 330i Gran Coupe was ready to shine in the spotlight.


There is available xDrive (all-wheel drive), but my tester came with rear-wheel drive, which honestly suits this car well.

BMW has restyled a lot of their lineup and changing that iconic kidney-bean like grille is a bold move for the German automaker. For the 2022 430i Gran Coupe it gets the redesigned new front end. There will be a love/hate reaction to it. I was in the camp of liking it. The styling of that grille flowed beautifully with aggressive styling on the hood as well as the air vents that were incorporated into the front end. It all flowed well and showed a bigger, bolder front end for this Gran Coupe. It just worked.


With the M-Sport package there’s Aluminum Tetragon trim to highlight the luxurious nature of this sedan. This is an upgrade to the Satin Aluminum trim that comes standard. And your eyes don’t deceive you, as the second-generation of the 430 is now longer, wider and taller. As such it presents itself well on the road, but you lose a little of the squatty nature that made it more of a “hot hatch” previously.

Overall, the redesign adds refinement and certainly boldness. You can’t say this car doesn’t have personality as it has that in spades.

The interior of the Gran Coupe features both luxurious touch points and is also loaded with technology including BMW’s popular Live Cockpit feature. While there’s a bit of a learning curve for this feature, it is both useful and visually stunning. There is a 10.3-inch touchscreen that anchors the center stack but there’s also 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.


With the M-Sport package you get the very popular steering wheel from the M-Sport that feels so good in your hands. The heated steering wheel was not necessary in LA but would come in handy back home in Wyoming and Michigan.

Ambient lighting adds customization and elegance to the interior. The leather seats are comfortable and there’s multi-zone climate control and an all-encompassing moonroof to add to the creature comforts. The Gran Coupe is a four-passenger vehicle, with four doors (as opposed to the two-door true coupe alternative).


As a hatchback there’s more headroom for the rear passengers and there’s ample rear storage too. In fact, the 2022 430i has 12 feet of cargo volume and the rear seats can fold down to increase the overall cargo area. This is where the hatch has it all over the standard two-door coupe.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $45,200, making this value-priced luxury sedan. With the extra packages (that add real value) the final price was $57,295.

The fuel economy rating is quite good. The RWD version, even with the M-Sport package has an EPA rating of 25 mpg/city and 34 mpg/highway for an average 28 mpg. It’s harder to achieve that in the stop and go, horrific traffic of LA, but at least you’re enjoying yourself in this redesigned, grandly put together sedan.

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