Miami-Dade Fire Rescue has released a video showing the ongoing search efforts taking place at the Surfside, Fla. Champlain Towers South building which partially collapsed two weeks ago and was later demolished this past week.

Capt. Tony Trim with Florida Task Force One, Urban Search and Rescue Team, provided details of the operation in a video taken by the organization, showing the various equipment being used and the scope of the operation.

"We wanted to get a little bit closer so you can have a full appreciation of the amount of debris, the denseness of the concrete, the amount of iron, the amount of material we need to move," he said, adding that they have about 150 workers "breaking and breaching" through concrete and steel.

Through the efforts, which recently moved into a search and recovery mission late this past week, a total of 96 victims have been found while 11 people remain potentially unaccounted as of Wednesday afternoon. A total of 211 have also been accounted for.

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