5 Activities You Can Do at Home With Grandparents During COVID-19

Now that the senior population is continuing to be vaccinated at high numbers throughout the country, more and more families can see their elderly loved ones. Senior care has been vital throughout the pandemic, and now it’s important that everyone continues to remain safe. Following CDC guidelines is essential for non-vaccinated individuals. Therefore, inviting grandparents to your home is the best way to enjoy quality time together for now.

Here are five activities you can do at home with your entire family, including grandparents, during COVID-19.

1. Enjoy a Picnic Lunch Outside

A great way to spend time with grandparents is by having a meal together. Even better is enjoying a meal in the sunshine! Make a spread of cold cuts, condiments, veggies, and cheeses so everyone can make a sandwich. Bring out some veggies and dips and chips to complement the sandwiches.

Set up a blanket on the grass in your backyard. If the grandparents can’t quite sit on the ground, set up chairs so everyone can sit in a circle, eat their yummy food, and talk. Be sure each family member has sunglasses and sunblock on so everyone can enjoy the time outside together.

2. Bake a Fun Dessert

What is better than a yummy dessert? Some grandparents have a real knack for baking the perfect cookie or pie, and your parent would surely love to pass their knowledge down to their grandchildren.

Invite your parents over and set up your kitchen to accommodate everyone in the family. Have everyone decide on a baked good you’d all like to make together. If this is a difficult task, place some ideas in a hat and have a grandparent draw the winner. Whether it be an apple pie, a batch of cupcakes, or the perfect oatmeal raisin cookie, you’re sure to make something scrumptious.

With a variety of cupcake recipes out there, this yummy treat may be a great dessert to make together. They are simple, and decorating them is a fun task. You can whip up frosting in a variety of colors and purchase an assortment of sprinkles for everyone to decorate the cupcakes with. Then, your family can enjoy eating the cupcakes together!

3. Learn a Card Game

Many grandparents know quite a few card games, and playing cards happens to be a great way to spend time as a family. Set up a table on your deck so everyone can sit outside and enjoy the warm weather. Have your parents teach your children their favorite card game. With some light snacks and lemonade, everyone will have a blast leaning on their competitive sides.

4. Swim in the Pool

We live on an island! Swimming is a great form of exercise for people of all ages. If your family has a pool in the backyard that’s easily accessible for senior citizens, consider inviting your parents over to swim with their grandchildren. On a summer day, sitting by the pool is a great way to share stories while staying cool.

Your kids can show their grandparents their best handstands and dance routines in the water. Your parents can even be the judges of a diving contest. Since kids can always find a number of entertaining ways to spend summer days, your parents will have a wonderful time hanging out with them poolside.

5. Get Crafty

To get your kids off of electronics, exercise their brains with a creative art project. Set up a craft table and invite your parents over so the family can get crafty together!

Your family can paint and decorate birdhouses, create suncatchers, decorate plant holders and grow flowers, handmake necklaces and bracelets with different materials, make window art, or try out a variety of other DIY craft ideas.

There are so many ways to spend spring and summer days with your entire family. Invite your parents over so they can spend quality time with their grandchildren. Whether everyone quietly enjoys reading on the back deck or takes on a fun craft or project, being together is what matters most.