All public and private beaches in Key Biscayne are closed.

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This was established first by a Village Executive Order and then reinforced by another order from Miami-Dade County. 

Has the message gotten through to all island residents? Is everyone aware? Is everyone adhering to the order? Orders, we might add, that were put in place to protect the health and well-being of all island residents.

Are the orders being ignored? Based on these photos, taken over the past few days, this week, it would appear that too many island residents simply are not doing their part to ensure social distancing and to help protect all citizens from the spread of the virus.

Social distancing? Apparently not on the beach while on a dog walk. 

Back in the day -- like March 26 -- there were no COVID-19 deaths reported in Miami-Dade County. Today, April 3, the Health Department reported 25 virus-related deaths in our county. 

Twenty-five dead in seven days. Should this pandemic be taken seriously? You be the judge. 

Village Mayor Mike Davey continues to deliver the "flatten the curve" message, as does all communication from the Village government on COVID19.

People, this is serious. How many different ways does it need to be said? You MUST take it seriously and follow the recommendations for self-isolation and social distancing. For the good of everyone.

Some of you persist in the belief that “the media” created this crisis by being needlessly alarmist. On March 11 -- the day the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic -- the Islander News posted a story about the growing number of cases. We were accused of sensationalism. “Shame on you” comments consistently flowed in on social media.

The global number of cases on March 11? 118,000. The count today, less than a month from the WHO pandemic declaration is: 1,041,126 cases worldwide and 55,132 dead.

Today, in the US: 245,658 cases and 6,069 dead. In Florida: 9,585 cases and 163 dead. In Miami-Dade County: 2,989 cases, 201 hospitalized and 25 dead.

The state, county and village governments will continue to look for ways to flatten the curve. Some measures will inconvenience or change the island’s traditional way of life. Don’t gripe about the loss of your “civil liberties” -- not when you endanger the lives of your friends and family by ignoring the orders.

For your own safety, and the safety of all Key Biscayners, accept the orders. Adhere by them. Immediately. PLEASE.

See something. Say something.

#kbstayhome #besafe #saferathome 


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