Anyone you speak with in Key Biscayne will tell you this election season will be different. In addition to COVID-19, 10 candidates are vying for three open council seats in what’s already a lively campaign.

And then there’s the presidential campaign, which heated up locally over the weekend with the theft of a bunch of Joe Biden signs from residents’ yards.

Police are investigating as a group of people in golf carts were captured by security cameras stealing the Biden signs. According to Sandy Moise, several residents filed police reports. No Trump signs have been reported as missing.

KBPD Chief Charles Press told Islander News his department will “treat it like any other crime and detectives are presently doing their due diligence” to find the perpetrators. Press said this type of crime unfortunately is “not unfamiliar” to Key Biscayne during elections, saying that “so far we’ve not seen any sign issue related to the local council election.”

Jackie Kellogg, who helped distribute the signs, was frustrated. “This is a Democracy, not a Kleptocracy!,” adding “I hope though from this grave error of judgment there is an opportunity for political dialogue.”

The video and thefts were getting swift reactions on social media channels.

The thefts caught the attention of NBC-6 News and local reporter Willard Shepard filed a report Tuesday. Kellogg told Shepard "We had a lot of them distributed and the first day we started getting text messages that they were all gone. We redistributed them again. The second day we got more text messages that they were all taken."

“Please don’t take these signs. It really is a crime and but more to the point it's just not right. Don’t take Trump signs. Don’t take Biden signs. Let everybody exercise their own First Amendment right, which they get to do on their property," Alan Fein said in the NBC report.

If you have any information on this crime, or recognize the golf cart owners in the video, please call the Key Biscayne Police Department at (305) 365-5555.