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Chief Press goes to the web to address rumors about “simple assault” on 9-year-old girl

Key Biscayne Police Chief Charles Press took to social media Friday to quell misinformation spreading about a 6 p.m. incident at Village GreenOn Wednesday involving a nine-year-old girl and two boys about age 11 or 12 who now face simple battery charges.

While Press would not provide many details of the case because it is an ongoing investigation involving juveniles, he posted an online video to, he said,clear the air.

“What did happen, regardless of what the chats say, it was not an act of sexual battery or molestation of this girl. There was touching that constitutes a simple battery under the law. They touched her in a way that they are not allowed to touch anybody unless the person being touched allows that to happen,’’ Press said.

Police were notified after the girl went home and told her mother, he said.

Press said he took to social media because of a swirl of misinformation and speculation growing exponentially on various websites and chats.

As an example of the interest in the incident, his video has been viewed more tha 1,600. Thursday, compared to less than 300 total views for a Holiday toy drive event postings.

“Our chats went absolutely berserk,” he said. “ The chats were horrifically ugly and, as so often happens in the village here, without knowledge of what actually occurred, it was like that game where you say one thing and pass it on and when it hits the 20th person, there is no resemblance” to the original message.

Detectives are seeking to identify and speak to the boys about what he called a “simple battery” incident.” State juvenile officials will be consulted as to “what they feel the level of investigation should lead to,’’ he said.

Press stressed the need, even in Key Biscayne, to keep child safety as a priority. “We as parents, should be the umbrella for our kids” in terms of awareness and participating in their safety.

To view the entire vide by Acting Village Manager and KBPD Chief Press, click here