Ignacio Segurola

I see our Village at a crucial point in its development, closing the chapter on its adolescence as a municipality and opening the next one as a mature government body representing citizens from with a wide array of ages, origins and philosophies.

The next Council will make decisions on issues that will impact the Village for the next fifty years and beyond. The Council needs members who can analyze the issues and effectively implement policies for the good of all. A Master Plan is necessary in order to do that.

Only by sitting down and deciding what we want, where we want it and how we’re going to pay for it can we responsibly manage our development and the taxpayer monies with which the Council is entrusted. The next Council must prepare a road map to the Village we want and our children deserve in order to avoid mismanagement and the waste of our hard-earned dollars.

I hope you have gotten to know me and what I would bring to the next Council by my information online and at the various forums and events. As an almost twenty-year resident, business owner, parent and fellow taxpayer I ask that you give me, Ignacio J. Segurola #110, one of your three votes on November 6th.

Luis Lauredo

I have a passion for Key Biscayne, my home for 37 years.It drove me to join a group of citizens in creating the new Village government. I was elected to the first Council.present at creation, I have seen it grow and prosper, thanks to the dedicated service of all Council members and Mayors that have served.

We owe them our gratitude.

Today Key Biscayne enters a critical time. Decisions are due on important investments in infrastructure: undergrounding of utilities,parks and recreatioin facilities,drainage , sustainable beach restoration, support to our police and fire-rescue, and quality schools for our children.

These require thoughtful, fiscally responsible actions.It requires experience and sound judgement .You entrust us with your hard earned money. I will spend it wisely.

Experience and Judgement.

These are the two qualities I offer for your consideration. A lifetime experience in management in business and public administration which have disciplined me to sound judgement practices, and how to lead.

And I have the time and energy to do it.

If you honor me with your vote , together we can reinforce the dream born 27 years ago: Small, efficient , citizen focused Village government

Thank you for your consideration

Tony Winton

I’m running because I see immense challenges facing our island. Sea Level Rise is an existential threat already starting to effect property values. Our beaches and water need more protection. We need safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists, and everyone else. Add to that education, support for our seniors, and so much more.

We need clear thinking and level-headed leadership to develop a real strategic plan, with real deadlines, and a council that focuses on major policy goals instead of getting hopelessly sidetracked on minutiae.

And we must confront other problems like drug and alcohol abuse, fractured families, and so many other soul-crushing challenges. Your neighbors are hurting, often behind closed doors. Our community must increase partnerships with schools, churches, and other groups to develop what I call “resiliency of the heart” – it’s just as important as environmental resiliency and always will be for me.

My decades of experience as national journalist give me a unique skill set to analyze complex information, sift out the facts, and communicate goals clearly. This is what’s needed on Key Biscayne. I promise my absolute best not to let you down.

Please learn more at tonywinton.com, and I respectfully ask for your vote.

Jeffrey Gonzalez

I am the new face for Village Council, ready to listen, collaborate and execute smart policy. My systematic approach is to categorize and select high impact low cost initiatives, build upon small wins thereby simplifying the scope of massive capital projects that we desperately require to preserve all the great things that our Island Paradise delivers.

So, how do you do that? Start by visiting www.electgonzalez.com, take the 5-question survey, then look at the data insights provided. By seamlessly engaging our community and truly understanding what people want we will be years ahead of any other town. As we efficiently collect and analyze data points on what’s most important to people, we can empower our government to act on the greatest good for the community.

In 2018, we demand issue and budget transparency. I believe that with seamless digital suggestion and opinion tools for making policy improvements, we can achieve transparency. It is not about mundane public updates, it’s about having your VOICE heard and engaged via a simple digital platform. Do you ever check “What’s App, txt, email, Facebook or even a voicemail? It can be that easy, really. Let me show you. VOTE #107 – JEFFREY GONZALEZ

Edward London


I want to ensure that our local government provides us with the highest quality of services efficiently and economically. Government must be accountable to its citizens. Government must be transparent in its operations and its expenditures. In order for me to make intelligent decisions I need information which has been sorely lacking for many years. That is why I have proposed a chief financial officer who will inform the Village Manager and Council, in a timely manner, as to the financial operations of the Village and the progress of capital projects.

With current information, I can make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely. Government must move forward expeditiously on the many capital improvement projects including, but not limited to, improved drainage, underground utilities, beach re-nourishment, smart traffic lights to alleviate traffic congestion, and street lights on all streets.

I am a firm believer in “beat policing”. Each policeman would patrol a specific area. The police would get to know the residents, their kids, pets, and cars. They form a relationship with the residents and know when something is wrong, and are there to take action. There will be no additional cost for “beat policing”. We have the police and equipment necessary to carry out this approach to public safety.

I have held public service positions for the last 32 years in many areas including schools, pensions, and insurance. In business, I have experience in building, finance, and manufacturing among other fields. If elected, my experience, both public and private, makes me qualified to serve all the residents of Key Biscayne.


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