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This is a developing story

Less than 48 hours after Village of Key Biscayne Acting Village Manager and Police Chief Charles Press vowed that the KBPD department would continue working around the clock investigating Saturday night’s violent battery, word came out late Thursday afternoon that two suspects had been arrested.

Press confirmed that two 17-year-olds have been charged, one with aggravated battery and the other with battery. Islander News has also learned the two in custody are not island residents.

“When the state attorney accepts and supports our charging document we will release all applicable information,” Press wrote in an email late Thursday night.

Earlier this week, Deputy Chief Brett Capone told the Islander News two of the best investigators he’s ever seen were on the case with a “good closure rate.” Capone said Monday, they were speaking to various potential witnesses to determine their viability.

Saturday night’s incident reportedly took place after 11 p.m. on Crandon Boulevard, near the dog park, when an adult and his 14-year-old daughter went for a ride in their golf cart. Reportedly, they came across a group of three young men throwing rocks at cars, before their golf cart was struck.

According to the man’s wife, a verbal altercation ensued but when the adult went back to his golf cart, he was allegedly struck in the face with a skateboard by one of the young men, who fled the scene in a vehicle.

The man was hospitalized at the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, and was treated for a broken nose and jaw, according to his wife. He did go back home Monday, although his wife told the Islander News he wasn’t doing well.

Press said Tuesday night at the Village Council meeting that the island - perennially among the state’s top five “Safest Cities” - has had only two violent crimes in 17 years, but those were two too many for his liking.

Saturday’s crime came on the heels of a recent trend of juvenile mischief involving stolen and damaged golf carts, and a large group of youngsters gathering at Village Green, some engaging in slap-fighting.

All of this has made residents feel uneasy, based on their social media comments, letters to the editor and public comments during Village Council meetings.

Press indicated Tuesday night he plans to “flood the streets” with patrol officers on weekends and will enforce the county’s midnight juvenile curfew.

We will continue to update the story as more details become available.