The second cold front of this new fall season passed through at the end of our work week. Schools of mullet continue to pour through our area, and snook, tarpon, big jacks, sharks and barracudas have been blowing them up all week.

Timing is the key to getting in on the action. These mullet schools are compact and if one slides by with feeding predators in it and you are not there when it happens, then you missed it.

If you have a boat you can run the oceanside beaches and look for diving pelicans, big black areas that are moving, and feeding fish. Once located, a live bait or artificial lure can be cast to the explosions.

On the ocean scene dolphin fish have been plentiful along the weedlines in the blue water. Most guys are trolling live baits down the weedlines. Others are looking for diving birds and large pieces of floating debris.

Once the fish have been located, toss a few live baits in the water and fish live baits or soft plastics where you see fish, It can translate into an easy 10-fish limit.

Nighttime reef fishing has been particularly good for yellowtail and mutton snappers. Anchoring in 60 to 100 feet of water and chumming as you fish pieces of fresh Spanish sardines, threadfin herring, ballyhoo or squid near the bottom is the way to go for these tasty snappers.

Check the most recent weather forecast before heading out to do some fishing. Better to be safe than sorry.

Tight Lines!

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