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Mother Nature once again is playing havoc with our weather conditions this week. A big cold front pushed through South Florida over the weekend and left us with winds that blew 15 to 30 knots. Seas hit seven feet at times!

The rough conditions made offshore and inshore fishing uncomfortable for almost all boaters except the big party boats and charter boats. Before the big winds hit, however, there was some exceptional offshore fishing.

Once the seas subside, we should see a return of the very good sailfishing that was happening before the winds picked up. The guys fishing live goggle eye jacks and threadfin herring under a kit in depths between 80 to 260 feet of water had many shots at groups and pairs of sailfish in the 30-to-60-pound range.

With an east wind, your best bet is to start a drift in the deeper depths and let the wind push you in. Once you get a strike, make a mental note of the depth the strike came in and try to concentrate your efforts on that depth.

While you are kite fishing, drop a few baits deeper in the water column in hopes of getting a strike from a large kingfish or blackfin tuna. These two speedsters have been feeding in the same depths as the sailfish. A large pilchard or ballyhoo would be a good choice for these fish.

There was a rumor of a few large yellowfin tuna that were hooked in our area this past week. Small dolphins have been scattered in our area and have attacked the kite baits on occasion.

Floating debris has had some dolphin under it and a wahoo or two.

There had been a good snook and tarpon bite in the ocean inlets before the winds and seas picked up. I am sure the fish are still there, but be cautious of the rough waves in the ocean inlets.

The best tarpon and snook bite was at night and during an outgoing tide. Large live shrimp were the best baits for the tarpon and snook, but a live pinfish might get the job done as well. If the inlets are too rough, then move inshore and try the bridge pilings at night for the snook and tarpon.

Tight Lines and Safe Fishing!

Capt. Alan Sherman, who operates “Get Em” Sportfishing Charters, has been leading fishing charters in South Florida for 30+ years. He can be reached here or by calling (786) 436-2064.


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