slanders #letstalkkb is officially one year old!

Holiday season the perfect time to share kindness with all islanders

#letstalkkb is officially one year old! We opened this column last year for Thanksgiving and as we come full circle I can only think, “What a year to have started a life-coaching column!”

We’ve touched on heavy topics such as mental health, a pandemic, suicide and battling bullying. But we’ve also had the opportunity to take a good look at ourselves, and the lives we are living to make happy improvements.

Whether at home, at work, interacting with friends and families, how we parent, or even how we communicate with each other, my hope is that #letstalkkb has provided you some guidance or perspective, at least. I hope it has been a voice that resonated; that helped you know that you have the strength to face any struggle life sends your way.

For the 2020 holiday season, I’d like to talk about kindness. When I addressed the topic last year we were all in a very different place. Our world was very different.

Today, we’ve all had to cope with the stress of COVID and quarantine, and dramatically altered lifestyles. We also have endured the chaos and drama of a national election, a highly competitive local council race, and other polarizing political issues.

That’s changed us. Shortened our patience and tolerance. It has pitted us against friends and family. And all of this packed into an intense few months, which shows no sign of lessening.

But this column isn’t about overcoming combative political dynamics. It is about how we personally conduct ourselves.

Since when did it become acceptable to verbally berate and badmouth fellow humans with seemingly wild abandon? Political candidates or otherwise, I ask, where has our respect gone? What has happened to showing basic, common courtesy? And when did people become so full of anger that they’ll take it out on anyone, anywhere, without question?

In short, where is the kindness?

I was brought up to always speak my mind and stand up for what I believe is right. I was also taught to do this with respect and kindness -- even if there was little chance of changing the person’s mind. I was taught that even in the face of intransigence, it never justified a tantrum or spewing foul wishes at someone.

Perhaps now more than ever, we need to offer each other a glimmer of light. Let's re-teach each other what it means to be kind. Let’s show compassion and empathy when we have the opportunity. Let’s lead by example so our children have better role models to look up.

The kindness you show to even one person has a ripple effect, and that ripple has the potential to touch an astonishing amount of people. Even small boats make big wakes!

As we embark on the holiday season, let’s all enjoy some emotional rest. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to see our loved ones. If not, just enjoy a well-deserved break. Remember that not everyone feels love or a sense of peace in their lives.

Share a smile. It is a gesture that may make someone’s day. Give it freely! It’s a beautiful gesture, a kind way to show gratitude for all you’ve been given -- of what we can once again be as a community.

We are blessed to live where we do, with whom we live. As you celebrate Thanksgiving, find an opportunity to share kindness -- even just a smile -- with the people who share this wonderful community. We all need it, whether we know it or not.

Happy Holidays to you all!


About Morgan.

Morgan is a published author and successfully works as a certified professional life coach, giving courses and seminars in schools and universities and a character development program in martial arts schools. Her unique experience as a nationally ranked athlete, as well as a recording artist, bring a rare and fresh perspective to the exciting process of self-realization. Morgan is determined to spread her light and hopes that her unique take on life’s journey will touch, transform, and give wondrous possibilities to the lives of others. For more information click here.