Paying homage to the KBCF volunteers who stepped up for our seniors

In March of last year, as the village declared the first state of emergency, a curfew was put in place, closings commenced, and concern turned to Key Biscayne’s most vulnerable citizens, its seniors.

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation launched an effort to recruit volunteers for a new Adopt a Senior program.

Close to 100 island residents stepped forward and volunteered. After being screened, volunteers were assigned a senior and provided them with support for daily activities and errands.

As we turn the page on 2020, we take time to recognize the Key Biscayners who made life during the pandemic a bit more bearable for many of the island’s seniors. They also have become friends for many at a difficult time.

If you know them, call or text them with a huge THANK YOU. 

Not pictured.

  • Ana Cabezuelo
  • Ana Balabuch
  • Andrea Lesmes
  • Anelise Balabuch Favoreto B
  • Anthony Goudie
  • Camila Chamadoira
  • Chio Zubiria
  • Cristina Calle
  • Christina Cuervo
  • Cintia Pastuskovas
  • Claudia Mayoral
  • Daniela Gonzalez
  • Denise Haas
  • Isabella Corchs
  • Kristen Connell
  • Leslie Armendariz
  • Liz Schweizer
  • Maria Cartolano
  • Marta Iglesias
  • Mercedes Lorenzi
  • Monica Llavarra
  • Monica Dussan-Henao
  • Morgan Granier
  • Jorge Granier
  • Patricia Agostini
  • Suli Olavarria
  • Valeria Sanchez
  • Carolina Sette
  • Ines Gilardi
  • Maria Rumeu de Armas
  • Patricia Alvarez
  • Letícia Matos
  • Patricia Rivero
  • Maritza Delgado
  • Luisa Sucre,
  • Nicolas Posada
  • Silvina Greco
  • Dieter Flack
  • Cristina Sammataro
  • Daniela Godoy
  • Magdalena Tomasino
  • Ro Rivero
  • Natalia de Ory
  • Claire Gunn
  • Kim Vincent
  • Ashley Herman
  • Mayra Burguera