Kitesurfing among items Village Council work on before their last pre-holiday meeting

Included among the items discussed or acted upon at the the last Village Council meeting before the holidays were:

- Building recertification: As the calendar year winds down, there are still 24 structures outstanding (one is in the recertification process, 17 have been overdue less than three years, and six have been overdue more than three years). Twelve others are going through the auditing process, meaning property owners or managers have yet to hire an engineer or architect to perform the mandatory services from the original engineer’s recommendation.

There have been 53 buildings this year that have come under compliance with Miami-Dade County’s 40-year recertification rules and there will be 40 more structures on Key Biscayne falling into the 40-, 50-, 60- or 70-year category due in 2022.

- New Village vehicles: A resolution for the purchase of four official vehicles (the total not to exceed $190,000) in Fiscal Year 2022 was approved. Council members approved four Ford Interceptor Hybrid police cars that will replace four other vehicles that will go to auction.

Two other vehicles were deferred for another meeting after further discussion: a Chevrolet Bolt (EV) for the Building, Zoning and Planning Department; and a Ford Ranger for the Public Works Department.

The remaining funds toward the $300,000 budget ultimately may go to, for example, golf carts for police enforcement in the community.

There are 18 vehicles in the Village fleet which meet replacement cycle criteria.

- Kitesurfing oversight: The Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces have combined with the Key Biscayne Police Department to intermittently assign staff to oversee the kitesurfing launching area and beach activities. The Village also is considering a one-year pilot management program with Miami Kiteboarding.

- Vaccine popup: The first pop-up COVID vaccines for those ages 5-11 filled up quickly, and Fire Chief Eric Lang said the county is looking to bring another pop-up in early December. Key Biscayne has an 82% vaccination rate for those 12 and older, he said.

- Express transit to Metrorail: The Village is looking into an express transit service from Key Biscayne to the nearest Metrorail/People Mover station. Dr. Roland Samimy, Chief Resiliency and Sustainability Officer, said the Village also is working to get a couple more Freebees to replace the bus service down Harbor Drive that will go away next summer, and to see if Freebees can now carry more passengers, since the Village vaccination rate is high.

Quick hits:

- Beach Raker LLC was approved to maintain beach cleaning. There were 29 trucks of seaweed hauled in October.

- The new two-floor library is in the concept phase and Key Colony is part of the process. Traffic and parking analyses are being done for that area.

- A second public meeting regarding Beach Park improvements will take place Dec. 2 at the park.

- Groundbreaking for work on Paradise Park will take place Dec. 10.

- A five-member Charter Revision Committee will need to be put in place at the next Council meeting on Dec. 7. Four electors will join either Moss or Allison McCormick, the only two Council members who qualify for the fifth spot.

- Council member Frank Caplan was recognized by Mayor Davey for finishing third in his age group at the recent Lighthouse Run, a well-participated community event.

- A presentation honoring Rosa Kemper and her Key Biscayne adoptive family was combined with a Mayor’s proclamation to recognize National Adoption Awareness Month In November and celebrate “the life-changing act of adoption and expresses our gratitude to the families who have welcomed children into their lives and homes,” the official statement reads.

- A proclamation from the Office of the Mayor honored Darlene Presley-Durant, who is retiring as teacher at the Key Biscayne Community School (KB-K8 Center) after 36 years of exemplary service. “The Village is grateful for her years of incredible service to our community” through her motivation and tireless patience among her collection of Presley’s Pearls or Durant’s Diamonds, part of the proclamation reads.


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