First day of school; observe the 15-mph speed limit, put down the cell phone and remember the mask

As kids go back to school with COVID safety measures in place, it’s important for all drivers to observe the 15 mph school zones and remember, fines double if stopped for speeding in a 15-mph school zone and texting is illegal in a school zone.

Key Biscayne kids walking to school should remember to cross streets in designated areas and stay on routes manned by crossing guards.

For children riding a bike, wear a helmet. It is illegal for anyone under age 16 to ride a bike without a helmet in the State of Florida.

Reminder that since July, 2019, texting while driving, is now illegal in school and work zones, where fines double.

As for speeding in a 15 miles per hour school zone, Florida Statute, Chapter 318, Section 18 says that “a person cited for exceeding the speed limit by up to 5 m.p.h. in a legally posted school zone will be fined $50.”

It also reads that “a person exceeding the speed limit in a school zone or designated school crossing shall pay a fine double the amount listed in paragraph (b).”

Bottom line? Speeding in school zones is dangerous and expensive.

As MAST and the Key Biscayne K-8 Center open their classrooms, students will find many COVID-related rules and regulations in place.

On Sunday, Miami-Dade County Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, while touring schools across the Miami-Dade, said “We are ready to welcome 100% of our students to 100% of our schools early tomorrow morning.”

Carvalho added, “Mandatory masking at all schools for all grade levels.”

Additionally, schools will require maintaining a social distance minimum of 3 feet in a classroom. Carvalho said social distancing increases to 6 feet “in areas where students obviously will have to remove their masks, such as cafeterias or outdoor eating areas.”


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