Key Biscayne Lions and Cheetahs

For sure, there are no real lions and cheetahs on the island, but I hope my fellow Key Biscayners allow a reasonable and some level of acceptable imagination to fully understand the parable on this commentary.

We know many of our lovely island residents are either Lion-strong or Cheetah-agile, always ready to protect the territory set by their strong opinions, doing so with firm determination.

While usually it will not be in the category of a quarrel, at times sparks can fly when finding themselves in “hostile” territory.

While it takes some level of imagination to compare Key Biscayne residents to real lions and cheetahs, I will take the risk, coupled by an even greater risk by adding reference to a clash of opinions between the very strong-minded Key Biscayne Lion, Councilmember Mr. Luis Lauredo, and what I consider the very agile Key Biscayne Cheetah, Mrs. Melissa White, the Executive Director of the respected Key Biscayne Foundation.

Those watching the recent budget hearing on community groups witnessed a very animated exchange of thoughts between the very experienced Councilmember and the admired Mrs. White and will judge with fairness the positive results for our community achieved by both and their merits.

On this exchange, I come down on the side of Mrs. White, only in that I think it was somewhat misguided and inappropriate by the Lion’s critical opinion of KBCF’s rightful support of a referendum, passed by more than 56 percent of the island’s voters, authorizing the Council to issue GO Bonds to fund Village resiliency projects.

In my opinion, both the Lion and Cheetah care about the well-being of the island and stated their position in contrasting, but passionate, styles.

And while there was no winner or loser in this encounter, I think the Cheetah’s counterpoint, at the end, presented a more productive, you might say, “let’s move forward attitude” compared to the Lion’s attempt to raise an issue that in many voters’ minds is a done deal.

We know one thing for sure: Key Biscayners do not appreciate any behavior which takes us, as neighbors, away from maintaining the Key Biscayne Nice attitude we all seek and appreciate. The Lion should practice what he often preaches.

Llorente is a former Key Biscayne Village Councilmember


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