Key Biscayne resident Diego Torres, releases new album and returns to television

Argentinian artist and island resident Diego Torres has launched his latest album, “Atlántico a pie”, while also announcing his return to television, this time in documentary format.

Speaking from his Key Biscayne home, Torres told the EFF News agency, "I am very excited with the idea of offering the public the story behind this special album which represents my inner world during the pandemic."

Torres, with nine films, three plays and six soap operas to his credit, told EFF that with the release of his new documentary, which will soon be available in a major streaming platform, he can “start working on several acting projects placed on hold while he worked on Atlantico a pie.”

“Acting is a very important part of my artistic expression, "said Torres, adding that during the pandemic confinement he lost his" personal compass. "

"Atlántico a pie", features seven new songs, as well as an audiovisual component - which Torres hopes to release in a few months.

In the absence of travel in real life due to the pandemic, Torres decided to have his music visit some of his favorite countries.

“Atlántico a pie” features the participation of Brazilian artists such as the reggae duo Natiruts and singer-songwriter Ivette Sangalo, and France’s Florent Pagny collaborated on the song “El rinconcito,” a romantic fusion of Charleston and jazz / cabaret in Spanish and French.

Other voices you will heat in Atlantico al Pie include Fonseca, Catalina García de Monsieur Periné, Spaniard Buika, Macaco. Cuban-American and artist Rayko B

“The idea of the trip was not conscious, but I did want to experiment by fusing elements that usually don't go together,” said Torres. “Some of the most important places in my life are represented.”

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