Key Biscayne resident Juanes launched new album – “Origen”

On Friday, Key Biscayne resident Juanes premiered his tenth album, “Origen” a musical production that also contains a documentary about the artist’s life, and the artists who have influenced his music.

Versión en español

The documentary, which bears the same name, was launched from Amazon Prime Video.

Origine documentary

The 48-year-old musician, who has lived in Key Biscayne for more than a decade, has won the hearts of fans around the world with a unique style, clever songs; an intense passion for rock and a reverential respect for the native and folk rhythms of his native Colombia and Latin America.

“It is my personal tribute to several of those artists and songs that most influenced me before my solo career. These songs are still a map that I return to remember who I am; where I come from and where I am going. It is the music that lives in the depths of my heart, music that is never forgotten,”Juanes said.

Juanes as a young artists

“Origen” which was co-produced by Sebastian Krys (Grammy winner who worked on Elvis Costello's award-winning albums), “Origen” is an energetic collection of songs spanning original styles as diverse as tango, merengue , heavy metal, folk, reggae, vallenato, pop and, of course, rock.

Click here to listen to Juanes describe “Origen” in an Instagram post.


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