A flawless shopping experience.

Crisp execution.

According to Jorge Gonzalez Capiello, who along with wife Mariana Tello de Gonzalez own and operate The Golden Hog, these simple concepts provide the driving force to the success of their iconic local gathering place.

They also provide the driving force behind Gonzalez's commitment to making Thanksgiving on the island more special every year. They are always looking for ways to improve on what is an annual tradition -- the Hog’s turkey and special stuffing.

“We are always looking for ways to increase the diversity of the products we purchase,” says Tello de Gonzalez. The product selection and ordering process starts early in the year, coordinating with suppliers to make sure all their offerings are in stock time to spare.

The Golden Hog’s clientele appreciates the effort.

Jennifer Coote of Key Biscayne said she purchased Thanksgiving lunch for her staff last year and “they loved all of it: ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, Bundt cake and salad.”


Gonzalez Capiello said anticipating the needs of their loyal customers creates an annual challenge for the team. “We consider ourselves more than a gourmet market. We want to create an environment where we anticipate our customers’ needs, even before they ask. We know the holidays can be stressful. Mariana and I know this firsthand with three kids, and we strive to make life easier for our customers.”

This year’s Thanksgiving menu will feature traditional favorites, plus new items created based on customer feedback.

Of course, the heart of their Thanksgiving offering is the organic Bell and Evans turkey, stuffed with a secret recipe stuffing. Their time-honored baking process will be used -- starting with braising the turkeys two days prior to baking. The birds are then slow baked all day on Wednesday so they are ready for Thanksgiving. The turkeys range from 12-14 lbs., which feeds 6-8 people, to the 20-22 lb. large size.

For those not needing a whole turkey, organic Bell and Evans oven roasted turkey breasts are available.

Spinach Artichoke Dip.jpg

Completing the turkey is the popular -- and exclusive -- Golden Hog stuffing, considered the ultimate Thanksgiving comfort food. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, tweaked and perfected over the years, but Gonzalez will reveal that it has a combination of meat, breadcrumbs and spices, with a sweet touch provided by prunes and plums. The texture is perfectly smooth, a perfect complement to any meal.

Gonzalez’s Friday after Thanksgiving go-to meal is a Golden Hog stuffing sandwich.

Also available for those preferring a different Thanksgiving protein is the new oven-roasted herb whole salmon, veal chops, roasted boneless Moulard duck leg confit, or the oven roasted pork shoulder au jus.

Thanks to Marcella Carneiro, The Golden Hog’s in-house Sommelier, this year there will be a specially curated list of 17 wines available, including sparkling and dessert selections.

“Marcella has used her extensive knowledge, customer feedback and local expertise to come up with the perfect wine pairings for every dish in our holiday menu,” says Gonzalez Capiello. Special attention was made to include quality wines that are affordable. “They are all under $50 per bottle and start at $20.” Wine club members save an extra 5% on all wine purchases.

Back this year are the traditional pan con jamón (ham bread) and Hallacas (Venezuelan tamales), both staples of Venezuelan and South American holiday menus.


There is also a delicious selection of desserts, made in The Golden Hog’s bakery, including pies, specialty Bundt cakes ,and tart -- including the highly addictive dark chocolate ganache tart with dulce de leche topping.

For family and friends visiting for Thanksgiving, the popular Golden Hog baskets are sure to be a hit. Tello de Gonzalez takes pride in creating baskets that not only have excellent taste but create a WOW factor with their presentation.

“For us,” said Gonzalez Capiello, “a Golden Hog basket is about quality and distinction. Mariana works hard to offer items that are not mainstream and unique.”

The Golden Hog, located in Harbor Plaza at 91 Harbor Drive, is open from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Mon to Sat and until 3 p.m. on Sunday. You can reach them at (305) 361-1300. Their deadline for placing your Thanksgiving order is Tuesday, Nov. 23.

Golden Hog’s customers say it for them:

Golden hog is my favorite place. ambiance, attention, food, excellent. I understand they are doing some remodeling; therefore, it will look even better!!! I totally recommend it! -- Sergio S.

“Thank you for such great service. Food was delicious.” -- Magdalena P.

“The food was delicious!!! Perfect timing!!! Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.” -- Farah H.


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