St Michelle de Charpentier school in Les Cayes

St Michelle de Charpentier school in Les Cayes before and after the August earthquake

The 7.2 earthquake that struck Haiti on August 14 caused significant damage throughout the island country, with the death toll at 2.200 and hundreds more still missing, and left many without homes.

It also left thousands of kids unable to continue attending school.

The earthquake destroyed 173 schools and significantly damaged 270 more, according to the GoFundMe page launched by a Key Biscayne youth, Julian Moise.

Moise has been a volunteer with the Key Biscayne-based Flying High 4 Haiti, founded by Inés Lozano, for five years -- even traveling to Haiti with the organization. He wants to help 750 students who attend one of the destroyed schools -- the Saint-Michel de Charpentier School in Les Cayes – get back to learning.

School officials are trying to restart school by using large commercial tents as classrooms. On his GoFundMe post, Moise says he wants to raise $5,550 to send four tents to Les Cayes. Each tent costs $1,259.

Lozano told Islander News Sunday that she visited St Michelle de Charpentier school in Les Cayes and the principal requested the large tents. “These tents are a great temporary solution so students can begin classes and have some sort of normalcy,” added Lozano.

Moise wrote: “Education is a driving force in any country, and is especially important in a developing country. Education gives children the knowledge and skills they need to help themselves out of poverty and into prosperity. Education gives hope and helps build self-reliance.”

All funds raised will be donated to Flying High 4 Haiti to purchase the tents, ship them to Haiti, and oversee the setup. If you would like to help Moise in his fund-raising efforts, click here

For more information on Flying High 4 Haiti, click here.


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