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Well, this ought to help bring Key Biscayne home prices into focus.

Starting at $79 million for a five-floor residence atop the iconic Woolworth Building in Downtown Manhattan and topping off at $220 million for a 64,000 acres ranch in the Eastern Texas Panhandle, the nine most expensive properties on the market in the world today, span the globe with strikingly different options for the one percenter.

Of the nine properties, seven are in the United States, one in France and one in England.

California has the most homes among the list with 4, including the 74-acre estate Green Gables, built in 1911 which includes seven homes with a 10,000-square-foot main home overlooking the landscape and Santa Cruz Mountains.

The other U.S. properties are located in New York (two) and Texas.

The list of properties, published on the website Architectural Digest, include:

  1. The Pinnacle, The Woolworth Tower Residences (New York City) - $79 million
  2. Willow Creek Estancia (Rancho Santa Fe, California) - $98.5 million
  3. Stonewall Farm (Westchester County, New York) - $100 million
  4. Denham Place (Buckinghamshire, England) - $104 million
  5. El Rancho Tajiguas (Santa Barbara, California) - $110 million
  6. Mar de Amor (Malibu, California) - $115 million
  7. Green Gables (Silicon Valley, California) - $135 million
  8. Le Palais Venitien (Cannes, France) - $145.9 million
  9. Mesa Vista Ranch (Pampa, Texas) - $220 million

For a detailed description of each property and the entire Architectural Digest article, click here.


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