March 12

Key Biscayne Community Church is robbed at about 3:45am and approximately $5000 is stolen from the church. The apparent thief is seen on video surveillance. Roberto Gonzalez-Fonseca was apprehended by KBPD on March 15 by Officer Diaz at Calusa Park and confessed. He is currently under arrest and a court date is pending. See related cover story this issue. 2nd Incident: on Harbor Drive at 6pm. Food delivery driver bitten by a dog exiting the front door of the house where he was delivering and bit his shoe. He sustained no injuries but wanted a report to receive compensation for his damaged $160 Michael Jordan sneakers.

March 13

Stolen Dewalt tools reported from a construction site on West Mashta Drive totaling $4000. Owner of property to submit video surveillance to police to assist in the investigation. 3/19 follow up: Gonzalez-Fonseca from KBCC theft is observed subsequently on video surveillance and confesses to additional crime. 2nd incident: Identity compromise report occurring at a local bank is reported from a January incident. Case number for apparent inadvertent compromise is issued. 3rd incident: Local woman reports unknown and presumed bogus inquiry at local bank regarding her mother’s account. No loss to account is reported. 4th incident: Lost Italian passport reported in the area of 70 Crandon Blvd near Shell Gas Station. 5th Incident: Bicycle theft of Trek Marlin black and green bicycle reported around the 300 block of Glenridge Road. Case card number given. On 3/15 BOLO (Be on the look out) suspect spotted fitting physical description of possible bicycle thief. Person is arrested and transported to jail. Detective takes over investigation. Follow Up 3/19 Gonzales Fonseca from church and West Mashta theft confesses and is charged accordingly. 6th Incident: Possible wallet theft at 300 block of Woodcrest Rd is reported, police report requested. 7th Incident: Reported theft of bank card due to forced entry inside taxi cab at Silver Sands/300 block of Ocean Drive. Video cameras reported not working so no further follow up taken.

March 14

Resident of 300 block West McIntyre reports suspicious activity on her Paypal and Amazon account from Jan to Feb 2019. Police report filed. 2nd Incident: 600 block of Fernwood Drive regarding found credit card. Impounded and placed in locker. 3rd Incident: 800 block of Crandon Blvd resident reports two stolen Visa gift cards valued at $500 each removed from her home in late January without her permission and apparently used at various locations in the month of February.

March 15

Damage to vehicle reported around 50 block of Ocean Lane Drive. 2nd Incident: Lost wallet reported around 300 block of Pacific Rd around construction site. Canvassed next day negative results. 3rd Incident: 14 year old juvenile is pulled over at intersection of West Heather and Fernwood Rd operating golf cart. Parents not on the scene are contacted and juvenile stays with a friend until family retrieves him. Citation issued. 4th Incident: Juvenile golf cart driver at same aforementioned intersection as that of 3rd incident. No valid Florida Driver’s License, citation issued and father contacted and responds to scene. 5th Incident: Juvenile golf cart drive at 500 block of Fernwood Rd. Driving without a valid driver’s license citation issued and mother contacted.

March 16

Car parked overnight at 200 block of Sunrise Drive reportedly damaged. Left front wheel and driver’s side door affected and consistent with another vehicle contact. No witnesses or cameras in the area. Vehicle owner requests incident report not traffic report. 2nd incident: Local driver comes in to report incident of a male obstructing traffic the day before at 180 Crandon Blvd and hitting his vehicle with his hand and causing minor damage. 3rd Incident: Golf cart stolen from residence at 550 Ocean Drive on or about March 13 Wednesday reported. Negative results from subsequent search. Follow Up: Grand Theft Auto resolved on March 20 when golf cart is found at 240 Crandon Blvd. No visible damage, vehicle released to co-owner. 4th Incident: Found bicycle at 200 block of Crandon Blvd. Registration sticker from the Sands. Impounded.

March 17

Lost I-Phone, 3 debit cards, driver’s license reportedly left in Uber vehicle during MIA airport ride. Uber customer service lost and found contacted with negative results. Complainant requests documentation reference in the event case results in compromised identity. 2nd Incident: Verbal confrontation at Shell Gas Station, 70 Crandon Blvd is reported by gas station attendant with customer he requested be polite with others and received a subsequent discourteous response from said customer who left the scene in a white SUV Mercedes Benz registered out of Miami. No contact made with other party and surveillance camera only accessible by manager or owner. Review of video requested and case card given. 3rd Incident: Golf Cart stolen from 650 Ocean Drive. Victim stated she parked it at East Enid Drive and Ocean on Monday March 11 approximately 9am to discover it stolen on March 17. She said her mother may have seen it on March 16 exiting the Square Shopping Center at 260 Crandon Blvd, driven by blonde female in her 20’s, two male passengers possibly teens inside. Golf cart has several Hawaiian stickers attached. Follow Up: Golf cart matching description is spotted the next day by police patrol on Galen Drive. Owner is notified and takes possession of golf cart, no damages to vehicle reported by owner.

March 18

Stolen bicycle reported from Village Green valued at $200. No surveillance cameras in the vicinity. Photos of bike provided. 2nd Incident: Resident from 200 block of Buttonwood Drive reported cyber-fraud on March 15 whereby unknown subject(s) hacked into his AT&T account, disabling his phone service and compromising his Gmail and Hotmail account and private information. Bank, IRS, and FBI Cybercrime Department notified and case number card provided. 3rd Incident: Found wallet dropped off that was found at 290 Sunrise Drive. Property impounded and placed in locker. 4th Incident: Reported battery at 200 block of Sunrise Drive. Victim knew his attacker and spontaneously told police there was a previous altercation with attacker and related to a marijuana deal gone bad. Photos of alleged victim who stated he does want to press charges taken. All three attend Coral Gables High School with the exception of one who graduated last year. Follow up: March 25 Officer goes to alleged victim’s residence who opted against pressing charges to have non-prosecution form signed. All attempts to reach said attacker and family unsuccessful. Contact information left at both residences and case is closed.

March 19

Resident at 799 Crandon Blvd reports text and phone call harassment from another Ocean Tower resident who complainant found has a previous domestic violence case.She wanted official police update of situation. Complainant is advised to contact law enforcement immediately if said harasser is sighted in the area.

March 20

1000 block of Crandon Blvd resident contacts department regarding possible identity theft. Unknown caller stating they worked for Medicare requested his social security number which complainant provided and subsequently called Medicare who said no call was made to him requesting said information. Incident documentation requested. 2nd Incident: Credit card found 550 Crandon Blvd brought in to department and impounded for safekeeping.

March 21

Abandoned bicycle found at 300 block of West Heather Dr. Impounded and subsequently claimed by and released to owner. 2nd Incident: Fire at 600 block of North Mashta Dr. No injuries sustained, residence unoccupied at time. Fire contained and quickly extinguished. Home owners contacted by phone. (See related story in March 28 edition of Islander News). 3rd Incident: 100 block of Sunrise Dr. Local resident in fear of being jumped due to perceived threats comes in for advisement.

March 22

At about 9:45pm a white golf cart is observed blocking the road at 200 block of Fernwood. White juvenile wearing blue shorts and light colored shirt is observed talking to a group of kids on the sidewalk. When Officer approached said juvenile requesting drivers license, he responds in the affirmative then flees the scene on foot. Golf cart is impounded. 2nd Incident: Criminal mischief by a group of five white juveniles wearing hoodies in a golf cart around Key Colony is reported by a mother and daughter who said they witnessed the group throw out a beach umbrella from the cart that could have injured someone. No damage reported from flying umbrella subsequently returned to the beach. No surveillance no juveniles located post drive around. Complainant case card issued.