March 25

Crossbridge Church/School at 160 Harbor Drive. Anonymous complainant called about unauthorized skateboarders on property. “We Care” posted signs authorize KBPD per report to act as property representatives due to prior vandalism issues-no unauthorized person(s) allowed on property without permission. Juvenile boys located inside of school property. Routine background check revealed no prior arrest history. They were warned not to skateboard on property without prior approval. 2nd Incident at 88 West McIntyre/KBPD station. Anonymous person came in to discard medication in the medication drop box located in the lobby area. Medication was inspected and no needles, ointments, or liquids were observed. Drop box key placed back in dispatch area. 3rd Incident at 700 block of Crandon Blvd. Purchase made over the internet from Amazon was documented by them as shipped but never received per complainant. Police report filed as required by company. No accusation of theft made, complainant believes it was mistakenly picked up. 4th Incident found dog on 500 block of Fernwood Rd and West McIntyre. Reported as a white Poodle mix with a collar but no tag and negative for chip. Dog was put in kennel and given water, while report was being prepared, owners arrived presenting proof the dog was theirs and so released to them. Owners were reminded of the dangers of loose dogs and possible fine. 5th Incident 700 block of Fernwood Rd vehicle repossession in progress and subsequent verbal dispute between repo man and owner of truck. Repo Co towed away vehicle without further incident post officer arrival. Case number provided. 6th Incident at Ritz Carlton Hotel, grand theft. Reported victim stated gold apple watch 3 series was taken by an unknown person when left unattended in the Jacuzzi/pool area. Complainant said signal from watch was later received that it was in the area of SW 8 St and 19 Ave. Stolen item did not meet criteria for Miami Dade Police Dept filing as it was less than $500 in value. Case card provided to victim who declared willingness to assist in prosecution of perpetrator.

March 26

Residential alarm at 700 block of Mashta Dr. received via police headquarters. Officers responded to an empty home being remodeled and east side window found unlocked. No signs of vandalism or burglary observed. 2nd Incident at 500 block of Allendale Rd officer response to a disturbance/barking dog. Several attempts to reach homeowner unsuccessful. Civil citation left at the front door. Homeowner has been warned on several prior occasions regarding city ordinance on barking dogs. 3rd Incident is lost Uruguayan passport at 1111 Crandon Blvd. Complainant states it was left in his work vehicle, last saw it several days prior. Case card issued. 4th Incident at 800 block of Crandon Blvd possible battery at Ace Hardware during customer dispute with store staff member regarding reported FOB left on key chain as duplicate key was made missing. Witness reference on scene during incident. Ray Ban Sunglasses reported damaged and subsequently resolved with credit issued to customer post owner arrival on scene. 5th Incident at Harbor Plaza 7-11 officer is flagged by store personnel at 3:35AM due to defendant drinking alcohol within 100 feet of establishment and ripping off posted sign stating no drinking allowed on premises. He is arrested, identification checked and then allowed to sign a promise to appear arrest affidavit. Harbor Plaza has clearly posted “We Care” signs states report. Defendant had no prior arrests post check and was given a trespass warning advising him not to return to area or be subject to arrest.

March 27

Grand theft of electric scooter reported when moved the day before at about 8:30PM without permission from The Galleria Shopping Center area visitor. Valued at $300. 2nd Incident reported at 55 Ocean Lane Dr. when complainant stated for over a year said condominium has had issues with spit, human feces, and urine around pool, bathrooms, and elevators. The board is attempting to resolve per complainant but they are said to not be sure who defecator(s) is. Photos of incidents attached and case card issued. 3rd Incident at 300 block of Crandon Blvd complainant reported that she left her bag the night before at Tutto Pizza where she had dinner. She returned the next day to retrieve it but was informed the bag was not at said premises. Police report filed and complainant advised to cancel her credit cards. Follow-Up bag was recovered on March 29, not clear from report if all belongings were recovered in full and from where it was retrieved. 4th Incident possible Social Security fraud reported by complainant at police station due to suspect calls received and intercepted by KB police officer, one being an apparent KB police officer impersonator. 5th Incident found dog at 300 block of Glenridge Rd. White Maltese dog scanned via chip with negative results. Photo attached in report. Editor’s Note: no photo of dog provided to Islander News to publish of found dog as is typically standard procedure for found dogs in attempt to find owner prior to being sent to Born Free Shelter. Outcome unknown. 6th Incident Complainant called police department from Tallahassee to report that in her attempt to get health care benefits she was denied and informed by DCF personnel that someone employed at The Golden Hog has been using her Social Security card since 2014. She called Golden Hog and spoke to a Harold who said he would look into the matter and she said staff has now become unavailable several days later when she called back. She believes she is getting the “run-around” regarding her complaint. 7th Incident Complainant came into the station to report a stolen wallet from Exxon Gas Station in Brickell where wallet was reportedly left on a counter. He was advised that because the incident happened in the city of Miami it needed to be reported there accordingly. He understood and requested a report nonetheless for documentation purposes.

March 28

Suspicious incident reported at 200 block of Crandon Blvd where complainant reported a suspected contractor carrying a firearm. Complainant subsequently requested to check all related workers present on Key Colony premises, they obliged, and no fire arm was found. Contractors were relieved of duty for remainder of day and said police cleared without further incident. 2nd Incident lost Chinese passport reported to Greek Consulate from a March 6 incident. Documentation requested to show proof of loss.

March 29 (Ultra Music Festival Day One)

No reported incidents in police report summary received from KBPD at Islander News.

March 30 (Ultra Music Festival Day Two)

Found dog located at 300 block of Harbor Drive by complainant. Brown poodle without collar. Scanned for chip with negative results, owner not located. Dog placed in kennel and provided with water. Dog’s caretaker subsequently located who reported dog got loose and ran off while being walked. Dog released after documentation provided and verbal warning issued.

March 31 (Ultra Music Festival Day Three)

Burglary from motor vehicle reported at 200 block of Fernwood Rd from stated victim who claimed an unknown subject(s) broke the window of his vehicle and removed property with the intent to deprive victim of said property. No surveillance cameras noted in area. 2nd Incident Petit theft reported at Yogurt by U, 600 Crandon Blvd where victim stated an elderly couple stole the money from her tip jar. The couple were reportedly short on paying for items they were buying and surveillance footage showed the couple taking the tip jar to their table. According to the victim, the jar contained approximately $10 dollar in tips. Complainant and manager will be providing a copy of the captured video.

April 1

Complainant states he left his wallet in a Spring Cab when exiting vehicle to be dropped off at The Ritz Carlton Hotel. Case card issued and complainant advised to cancel all credit cards. 2nd Incident Dock box belongings taken without authorization in the process of a boat sale, vessel removal from the yacht club. Property subsequently returned. 3rd Incident Lost documentation (Italian passports) reported to station occurring while complainant traveled in Philadelphia. 4th Incident at the 300 block of Gulf Road, housekeeper discovers forced entry to home, interior doors damaged to gain access to property. Safe missing and in excess of $30,000 of jewelry and personal items reported missing. Safe later found on premises by officer pried open and some stolen items scattered on ground. Owner of the residence was made aware of the incident, pictures taken, property loss forms presented and Miami Beach police crime scene unit to respond and process scene set for following day. Evidence collected with assistance of MBPD April 2.

April 2

At Crandon Blvd and Harbor Dr. a person who wished to remain anonymous stated they observed a white male in white and gray shirt and blue cargo pants filming school kids at that intersection as whey were departing bus from MAST Academy then said to have subsequently left the area without incident. “No crime to report.”

April 3

Unwanted/unused medication from drug disposal box removed and placed in property and evidence section for scheduled destruction. 2nd Incident anonymous person dropped off expired medication.

April 4

At 600 block of Warren Lane regarding excessive Sunpass fee complaints and police report requested.

April 5

Lost clutch purse reported while complainant shopped at Winn Dixie supermarket. Discovered gone on way to 500 block of Crandon. Complainant not sure how it was lost. Credit cards reportedly being cancelled by complainant, undisclosed amount of cash in clutch. 2nd Incident found wallet around 500 block of Crandon Blvd brought in to station. Owner subsequently contacted and retrieved property. 3rd Incident unleashed dog frightens man in elevator at 200 block of Crandon Blvd, he then drops his iPhone, damages screen and requests dog owner who stated said dog got away from her daughter, to replace damaged phone with a new one. Both parties agree to discuss the matter at a later date. 4th Incident anonymous caller reports an abandoned back pack at 400 block of Woodcrest Rd. Recovered, cataloged and impounded into safety locker.

April 6

Criminal mischief reported at Village Green Dog Park where complainant stated they received an email from a resident reporting damaged property on the premises. Post investigation, two LED light fixtures found destroyed and entry gate taken off hinges but repaired prior to officer arrival. Police report requested to document damages. 2nd Incident Missing golf cart reported at 200 block of Greenwood Dr. Keys to golf cart left inside a cup holder. Golf cart parked day before around 11am and discovered gone the next day at about same time. No one was given permission to remove it per owner and they believe it was stolen overnight. Recovered nearby in fair condition, functional, no damages. Found by registered owner. Victim recommended to replace universal ignition key with unique key. Building where golf cart found to be contacted regarding possible surveillance video.

April 7

Officer observes boy not of age to see over a steering wheel of golf cart operating vehicle in an unsafe manner around 100 block of Harbor Dr. Traffic stop conducted, juvenile asked to contact parent who is unreachable by phone after 20 attempted calls resulting in the child issued a civil citation and released on scene with golf cart left parked at a friend’s property. No further information available at the time. 2nd Incident at 400 block of Crandon Blvd where officer spots suspicious back pack found by the fountains inside Village Green Park. Taken for safe keeping. 3rd Incident at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, victim claims her black iPhone was left by the Jacuzzi at approximately 11pm the day before and missing 30 minutes later. She tracked it the next day at NW 46 St and 3200 block. Phone was then shut off and untraceable. Case card issued.

April 8

Victim from 600 block of Grapetree Dr came in to the station to report possible fraud/stolen identity related to a Sprint phone services unauthorized charges. 2nd Incident property found on 700 block of Ridgewood Rd by officer during Ultra Music Festival shift and subsequently returned to owner looking for keys by officer after returning to work post falling ill. Owner understanding of mix up. 3rd Incident on Westwood and Crandon Blvd officer flagged down for anonymous report of found Visa debit card. Report generated and card placed into locker.

April 9

Complainant with an address on the police report from St. Augustine, FL contacts station regarding a phone scam whereby she received a text in reference to her bank account and requesting personal account information and Social Security Number which she called the texted phone number and gave. Then subsequently called the bank to verify. She was told no such request was made by “Chase” Bank and then she proceeded to flag her information and freeze her bank accounts. Key Biscayne connection not clear from documented narrative other than possible bank location. Case card issued by KBPD. 2nd Incident possible phone scam. Complainant said texts were received reportedly from a collection agency requesting $1,400 to be paid to an apartment association from a former residence. Association contacted and a response is pending. No defrauding has occurred to complainant as of report. Association not further identified beyond alleged phone numbers from report requesting monies: 305.204.7014 and 305.433.7783. Case card issued. 3rd Incident of anonymous person giving Florida Driver’s License to dispatch, property then impounded.

April 10

Credit card found at 100 block of Crandon Blvd and brought in to station. Impounded and placed in locker, receipt attached to report. 2nd Incident is property found at 200 block of Crandon Blvd of blue lunch bag containing miscellaneous personal property. Impounded to locker for safekeeping. 3rd Incident is found property discovered by officer on patrol at 11:31PM of silver and gray keys at the Beach Park Guard House. Placed in property locker for safekeeping.