Rant about unruly unsupervised youth was on point

In response to Larry Wasserscheid’s recent “Rant.”

I was so happy -- and sad -- to read his rant, which has been the truth for so many years, and nothing has been done.

We are near the entrance to the beach park on Enid, which is a dead end. On a daily basis, teenagers enter the park at night, after the curfew, and concentrate on Enid inside cars, playing music and drinking. We all gave up calling the police because they came, but nothing happened to the kids, so they would come back two or three days later.

That entrance has a key and one key owner lets their groups in.

I agree (with Wassercheid) 100%: Where are the parents when the kids are not at home, especially now with the curfew and a pandemic?

Key Biscayne is special and there is no excuse to allow this to go on. I hope this letter opens the eyes of the police and the parents once and for all.

This has been going on and off even during the construction of the park. For years we have called the police for years until we all gave up.

Miriam Vega