Vito Cardinale passes away Friday, July 24

Vito Cardinale, the former owner of the Italian restaurant Vito’s in Key Biscayne, who was recently injured after being struck by a automobile on Crandon Blvd on July 2, passed away Saturday at Jackson Memorial Hospital from complications as a result of the injuries from his accident.

Vito was 67.

His daughters Francesca and Analisa Cardinale, sent a statement to Islander News saying. “We are always going to miss him, just wish we would have had more time with him. We can only hope he is in a better place right now. We mourn his passing alongside loved ones who have joined us these past few weeks, watching over us as we suffered through the accident, hospitalization and not being able to see our Dad.”

Chandra DeSilva, owner of La Scala Italian restaurant at the Arcade Shopping Center and a longtime friend of Vito’s said “I will miss Vito dearly. He was a good friend, we both shared many good memories, which I will cherish and remember them like if it was yesterday. Just wished I could have spent some time with him while he was hospitalized, but that is not possible in times of a pandemic. May he rest in peace.”

A private funeral service is being planned for early next week.