Most of us think of May 5 as Cinco de Mayo, a "holiday" where our mind navigates towards margaritas, guaca with chips as we pay homage to Señor Cuervo.

But May 5th is also a day we celebrate those editorial cartoonists who bring us humor, and at times, yes, even anger. But mostly, they entertain and at times, lead us into debate and challenge our status quo mindset.

For the last 24 years, Islander News readers have been entertained by our own local award winning cartoonist – Peter Evans. Evans was born in England and then moved to Canada to start his career. He then relocated to Mexico where he was creative head of a large ad agency, before settling in Key Biscayne.

Y si, Evans is fluent en español

Evans has won over 100 art honors, including “Top 100 U.S. Creative Men” from Ad Day, USA; and the Golden Spike Award from the Association Of American Editorial Cartoonists.

As we wished Evans a Happy National Cartoonist Day, his reaction was typical Evans. He said the phrase itself is “a bit of an oxymoron,” adding that “some of us ink-stained wretches aim to bring smiles and entertainment into readers’ lives, others mean to provoke thought and debate. Their job is as watchdogs for keeping muckety-mucks honest.”

Evans continued, “See, there are three cartoon types – Comic Strip Cartoons, Gag Cartoons (haha toons, as in The New Yorker), and Editorial Cartoons. The first two are meant to entertain you and/or give you a laugh. Editorial Cartoons are humorous views on serious issues in your newspaper.”

One aspect of his career Evans has a strong understanding is that, in his own words, “Editorial Cartooning is a negative creative art, so bitching and kvetching comes with the job.”

He calls cartoonists “gentle complainers” who enjoy having a “soapbox to draw attention to political corruption, government goof-ups, or social pretense.”

Evans has a message for the Key Biscayne community he calls home; “Thanks for putting up with me for 24 years. And thanks for your many words of kindness and support.”

Thank you, Peter, for keeping us engaged for nearly a quarter century.


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