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“We’re all in this together.”

We’ve all learned a lot over the past year -- about the coronavirus, about ourselves -- and how Key Biscayne residents “stepped up and did the right thing,” Mayor Mike Davey said.

“It’s been a rough year for everyone. ... A lot of things changed,” he said.

Indeed. It’s been quite a learning experience.

- For starters, we’ve learned how to wash our hands -- properly (everyone still singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice?).

- We learned how to cough into our elbow and run away when someone sneezes.

- We learned where to buy glittery masks, or ones with tigers or superheroes on them.

- We’ve learned more about panic and predictions, and patience and prayers.

- We’ve learned about compassion and empathy, and how to honor the doctors, nurses and neighbors who have helped our community.

- We learned how to become a nation of fist-bumpers and elbow-thumpers, and better calculators of the “6-foot distance.”

- We learned the differences between flu symptoms and those of COVID-19, although a swab or saliva test was often part of the equation.

- We learned that “Fauci” is not an appetizer on the La Scala menu.

- We learned to make the best of “staycations,” and how take-out food never quite tastes the same as it did served in a restaurant.

- We’ve learned about DoorDash and Instacart and Shipt, but never did quite learn why all the toilet paper was disappearing.

- We’ve learned to work and be schooled from home, and we did eventually learn that you really don’t need pants for Zoom calls.

- We learned about curfews and isolations and, even more importantly, that we really could survive without 24-hour Walmarts.

- We’ve learned to enjoy sports from a distance and that cardboard cutouts in the bleachers sometimes can be just as loud as humans on TV.

- We’re learning more about J&J, Pfizer and Moderna, and how “it looks like we’re coming out of it now,” Davey said.

And, if we’ve learned just one thing, it’s that “We’re all in this together.

In this week's issue, Islander News takes a look back at the "Year that Was" - 2020, The Year of Covid.