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Sally skirted Florida but left us with bountiful fishing

South Florida dodged another bullet last weekend when Sally passed by as a tropical depression. Another upside to not getting a direct hit from a strong storm is we still get the benefits of what a system like this can create.

I am looking forward to some excellent fishing near shore and offshore this week.

Close to shore, we stand a great chance of seeing the first real signs of fall migration. Schools of pilchards, Spanish sardines, glass minnows, threadfin herring, ballyhoo and mullet are on their way south.

The next time you are on the water there’s an excellent chance you will see these baitfish being attacked by snook, tarpon, ladyfish, large jack crevalles, yellowjacks, blue runners, barracudas, sharks, mutton snappers and groupers.

Offshore, near the reefs, look for kingfish, blackfin tuna, sailfish, barracudas, sharks and bonitos to be hungry for anything that comes into proximity to their mouths. Dolphin fish were scattered and mostly found under scattered floating debris before the storm.

Now with another storm in the Gulf of Mexico we can expect a lot of more floating debris for the fish to be attracted to making for a lot more opportunities at hitting a big school.

Hit the waters early so you get to that magical floating debris first.

Tight Lines and Great Fishing! 

Capt. Alan Sherman operates "Get Em" Sportfishing Charters.

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