Over the weekend, Publix, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Costco and even Starbucks were among the national retailers that dropped mask-wearing mandates. This followed the revised guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which said those fully vaccinated against COVID-19 do not need to wear a mask -- in most situations -- indoors or outdoors.

This excludes public transit, health care facilities or “certain crowded areas.”

So here is the million dollar question. How do we know who is vaccinated and who is not?

What if someone strolling the halls of Trader Joe’s on US-1 says they are fully vaccinated but maybe they just got the first Pfizer or Moderna shot, but not the second? There’s no proof.

What if someone who says they are fully vaccinated, but they really aren’t, and they don’t plan to be vaccinated? Anti-maskers might be anti-vaxxers. There’s no proof.

What if someone says nothing and no one asks any questions?

Sorry, but I personally find these scenarios scary. COVID is still among us. And nobody can predict the impact the virus has on everyone.

Justo Rey

Of course, there are situations and people you trust. You know they are vaccinated and are careful. In those, masks off! Believe me, nobody wants to drop the mask more than me.

But in crowded situations?

Hope I do not offend anyone, but for the time being, I will continue to wear my mask when in crowded places or out in public as to me, COVID is like that old Lottery jingle… “Hey, you never know!”


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