Gomez’s love of KB and desire to serve community deserves your vote

I have talked with a lot of people about this election and what I heard is that people do not know the real Fausto Gomez. Fausto the person and his essence.

We all are vulnerable people and it is not easy to open our private life in public, show our feelings, or history. I know this firsthand.

The following are some things I know about Fausto. He didn’t have the privilege to come to live in Key Biscayne when he was young; his father was a pitot and died fighting against the communist regime in Cuba.

He was the man of the house very early in his youth. Being the only child, he had to provide for his mother and grandmother. He had to work hard to get what he has today. He has a wonderful wife, two adorable and successful daughters who he let fly and encouraged them to be independent in every sense. He has three sweet grandchildren.

He wanted to live in KB, and finally 20 years ago, his dream came true. He and Alina wanted to be active members of this beautiful community and that is why he wants to serve the KB people to the best of his ability. We must give him the opportunity to serve us as our next mayor. He will listen to our suggestions and we will preserve the island the way most of us deserve and want.

To try to defend Fausto from unjustified accusations is worthless. There is only time to concentrate in saving our island from government overspending and privatization of the Causeway; and then to act on the urgent need to do the undergrounding, replenish our beautiful beaches, and stop insensitive development.

Adriana Spitale Del Campo


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