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To the Islander News,

As Jewish residents of The Towers of Key Biscayne, we were disappointed to read the article in last Thursday’s Islander regarding the lawsuit that has been filed against our General Manager Joe Maura and TKB claiming anti-Semitism. Many of us have lived at the Towers for decades and have never observed, experienced or been aware of any incidents of racial discrimination against Jewish residents, renters, or guests by Mr. Maura, the staff, or the condominium’s leadership. Our disappointment lies in the article portraying a one-sided, angry view of our community without attempted balance or research.

Even a cursory examination of the claim would lead a reader to question the credibility of the story. The article states that this isn’t the first time that Mrs. Horovitz has claimed that Joe Maura and TKB were anti-Semitic, and her 2018 discrimination case before the Florida Commission on Human Relations concluded with a finding there was no reasonable cause to believe that a discriminatory housing practice had occurred. This history should have been a red flag for The Islander to dig deeper before printing an article with such inflammatory allegations.


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