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These are strange times, for sure, and here are two very perplexing and costly things: The first is consultant DPZ, who refers to us as a “Beloved Paradise.” They were hired for a “2040 Vision Plan,” to be done in six months, talk to us about our ideas, then playing them back and taking our check for $165,000.

Is this a great “beloved place” or what?

In frustration with DPZ, I did my own KB Improvement Plan, called “Rising Star,” on September 21 --13 pages, 21 subjects with illustrations. It wasn’t complicated. Anyone who reads the Islander and knows something about our problems and opportunities can do it.

The second perplexing and costly thing is the design for Paradise Park. It’s expected to be used by many people -- with no parking space!

And it looks more like “Jungle Island.”

A rush to “shovel-ready” judgement, raising the question if we really want a lot of people in the Civic Center.

Isn’t an open-space green-grass lawn a better idea? It would save the extravagant cost of $1.8 million when our revenues are down, and the parks we have now are not being used.

Furthermore, a far less costly and more popular choice is rebuilding the historic Calusa Playhouse at the Tennis Center -- in partnership with Miami Dade County. The playhouse had an audience of 10,000 in its last six years. Can’t beat that!

Oh, the phone just rang, it’s the Wizard of OZ… He’s heard about the $1.8 million and offers to help “Fantasy Island.”

Ed Meyer


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