Dear Mr. Campaigne,

I am somewhat offended about your paid advertisement piece in the Islander News last week.

The only animal species that lie is the homo sapiens. For this reason, I feel compelled to speak on behalf of Pepe the parrot. Parrots don't lie or gossip!

I booked our South Africa volunteer trip in November 2019 for the upcoming summer 2020 when I have my June vacation since I am a teacher. (Most teachers work over the summer, and I usually choose July to do my PDs.)

COVID-19 hit, and our plan was postponed. Fortunately, our volunteer donation (part of the commitment to become a volunteer) never expires, so we were rescheduled for summer 2021.

It was NO SAFARI. We were part of an amazing team of researchers and wildlife conservationists trying their hardest to make a difference on protecting vanishing creatures such as the White Rhino and Black Rhino.

I am planning to go back next year, and I would like to extend an invitation to all Key Biscayne residents who love nature and would like to join me on my next adventure or contribute to to help this great cause. If you wish to get informed about the Endangered Species Project Program, simply go to

Please reach me for more information. I would be glad to share a presentation with anyone that is interested in becoming part of this project.

"We can only protect what we love, and we can only love what we know" — Jacques Cousteau.

Thank you.

— Maria Thorne


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