1) If the Z-Plan backers want to call it a park, then call it a park. Then run a county wide campaign to save our parks. Works every time.

2) Regardless of how this gets built, create the Rickenbacker Causeway Authority to keep the BCC sticky fingers out of the toll revenues, which is what got us into this jam in the first place.

3) A signature Bear Cut Bridge, which also makes the cut more navigable. Example: the FDOT $70 million Clearwater Bridge. And since FDOT has a whole menu of bridges in the $50-$100 million range, what is Z spending the other $500 million on? Clearly the bridge is not their big ticket item.

4) Bridge project management/ engineers with at least six marine bridges on their résumé

5) A permanent MOT for events likely, including flyovers and pedestrian overpasses.

6) Strict development standards, including a county-wide referendum for any development projects on the Causeway.

7) Define reasonable tolls. $3.75/ $100 c-pass and $200 commuters.

8) Ban bicycles from the roadway completely. Build the dedicated linear bike park through the existing bike paths, parks, shoreline, marina, golf course, tennis center and parking lots.

9) Regulate pelotons to specific hours. It’s resource intensive but of a limited duration niche sport.

10) Offer bikers an alternative 7-11/ Oasis respite in Crandon or what’s left of the playhouse in Calusa.

Charles Collins


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