Village needs to fix street lights to end dangerous situation

Islander Letters to the Editor: a nighttime photo of Crandon Boulevard, dark and not illuminated many streetlights.

Editor’s note: This letter was email to Village of Key Biscayne management and shared with Islander News

Dear Public Works:

We are going on one week that there have been no street lights from the Bill Baggs entrance to CVS Pharmacy off Crandon Boulevard.

The street lights going out has been happening quite a few times.

I have reported this on the 311 app, and other residents (have) as well.

If they can't be fixed in the meantime, install portable lights.

The recklessness, and the “I don't care” attitude of children riding electric bicycles, creates an exorbitant amount of danger. A motorist cannot react when they cross Crandon Boulevard at high speeds and with no lights.

I really don't know what else I need to do to get your attention.

Respectfully Yours,

Pablo Torres


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